Halloween 2017: Harry Potter Inspired Snacks

Hey lovelies! How are you today?♥

I'm so in the Fall mood this week and very excited about all things Halloween. I actually dug out my decorations already and will be putting them up during the weekend. Much to my mum's pleasure I'm sure because she's coming over and is not much of a Halloween person. But she knows I love Halloween so I think we're good. 

Today, instead of costume like I was planning, I have a food post for you. So let me present you, Harry Potter inspired snacks for your Halloween party. Or you know, Harry Potter movie night.

Harry Potter inspired snacks
I was browsing the web for any easy Halloween food for parties, and found some cool to try out. These all are done gluten free except for Licorice Wands, but I didn't actually eat those ones so that's okay.

Acid pops

First, we have Acid Pops. Which as you know (if you're a Potterhead) are the candy that burned a hole on Ron's tongue as a child. The muggle version doesn't really harm you, but they can be really cool addition if done right. Mine weren't as sour as they could because I used basic Chupa Chups fruit flavors, but you can certainly make these quite sour. Also I loved the effect the Pop Rocks gave to them. You can get the recipe here

Licorice wands

Second treat were the Licorice Wands. These I had to make simply because they looked super cute. Unfortunately Twizzlers have wheat in them, so I can't eat these myself, but they are a fun addition if you or your friends can eat wheat. Also I found recipes for making gluten free Twizzler alternative, but I really didn't have time to try that out this year. Maybe next time I have a need for something like this. For these, you can find the recipe here.

Owl Cupcakes

Next, are my favorites: Owl Cupcakes. These were quite easy using a gluten free brownie mix for the batter, and then just decorating the cupcakes with gluten free Oreo alternatives and M&M's. I bet even children could do the decorating somewhat well because it truly was that easy. These could also be made in any color/flavor you want to, depending what occasion you make them for. One recipe for this kind of cupcakes can be found here, but to be honest I literally used brownie mix and the simplest frosting recipe I could find. So you can wing this with many different ways.

Salted Caramel Popcorn

Next up: Marshmallow Salted Caramel Popcorn. This was super delicious and will be a staple in certain movie nights. It's sticky, but way delicious. And I love the fact it keeps nicely for few days when stored properly. Recipe for this simple treat can be found here. I feel like salted caramel anything just fits the Fall and Winter time so well that it had to be included.

Pumpkin juice

In addition, I had "Pumpkin juice" and Every Flavor Beans (beans seen on the Acid Pops pic). The pumpkin juice was actually just orange soda, because I wanted to keep everything simple, but you certainly can even make your own juice. For me that would've been too much hassle for this but I would consider that, were I to throw a party like this for a bigger group. And the Every Flavor Beans were from The Jelly Bean Factory's Gourmet Flavor mix. Although you could buy Harry Potter branded ones as well but I happened to have these so it worked perfectly.

What do you all think about this snack inspiration? Let me know in the comments! Also, what kind of themed parties are you throwing/would love to throw this Halloween season or in general?

That wraps up today's post, which I really hope you enjoyed because I had so much fun creating everything. I've been so into the whole blogging thing now so I really, really hope you like seeing these posts as well. Next post will be about nails (don't mind me) but after that we will get to more costumes. I'm trying to create three whole looks with a bit more preparation and then a collective post for some last minute costumes. And there will probably be nail design or two popping up as well. I'll see you all in the next post!

Have a fabulous day darlings ♥


  1. Cute looking snacks. I think I am going to make the Owl Cupcakes for my daughter.


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