Halloween 2017: Last Minute Costumes (Easy & Quick)

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I hope many of you are having a Halloween party to go to within few days (or otherwise have a chance to dress up a bit for the occasion). I personally don't really have the opportunity, but I love scrolling through inspiration pics nevertheless. In case you are having a quite eventful year like I am, or otherwise haven't had the time to really put that much time into a Halloween costume, this might just be the post for you.

These ideas mainly require stuff you either already have in your closet or can easily access also elsewhere than in Halloween Wonderland of USA. Also, I need to say that a lot here is my previous content that you can also find through the "Halloween" tag but I felt like they were well enough made to feature here instead of creating everything again just for this post. Next year, I'm kind of hoping to go bigger and starting planning from the start of the year so that I could make every look super detailed and put together. As well as the decorations around my apartment. But this year, let's do it a bit more low-key.

I know, it's a cliché, everyone does it and it may sound boring to many. But you don't really have to be a sexy kitty if you don't want to, you can simply be a cute cat, Hello Kitty or even a zombie cat if you want to take it up a notch. But for a low effort look, do a cute cat eye makeup, paint your nose black and draw on whiskers. For outfit you need single-color look, my choice would be black but you literally can do any, and a cat ear headband (which you can find pretty much anywhere if you don't have one already). Choose black leggings or sports pants for those flexible cat moves and have fun.

If you wear this look without whiskers and add a red lip, it basically equals Catwoman. I did one last year with leather outfit, mask and all (see more pics here), but going a bit darker on eye makeup and having any long pants and long sleeved top basically does the trick.

DSC07580 (Large)

Not that much more difficult than the cat look, just add spots. I noticed you can even get those spots as stickers at some places, so you don't even have to think about painting them on if that seems too difficult. For ears, either have a cat ear headband again or do cute little space buns out of your hair. Add a leopard print top and/or pants (even onesie if you own one) and you're good to go. Change spots to stripes and enjoy your night as a tiger. I did my version of leopard makeup in 2015, and you can see more of it here.

DSC00484 (Large)

Haha yes, another black one. Or not necessarily, not all vampires wear black. But since many of us have black pieces, I would suggest on wearing all black look and making more statement with makeup. Choose foundation that's a shade or two lighter than you'd normally wear, and forget warmer tones while contouring. Also, no need to add blush for this one. Embrace dark circles if you are like me and have them, or create some. If you feel like more effort, draw some veins too. Dark makeup is absolutely a plus here, but you can do quite natural one too. I have done previously a Twilight inspired one as well as  more True Blood/Vampire Diaries style one. This is also a look that can be played around with a ton, and bonus points from fake fangs, bite marks and/or fake blood.

My versions from 2016

DSC07810 (Large)

And 2015

DSC00619 (Large)

And few fun ideas from YouTube that have caught my eye. Credit to the creators, I just wanted to share these with you in case you missed them because YT can be a pain these days.

Black Swan by Maano Meikkaa here.

Disney costumes by LaurDIY here
And she has also last minute costume tutorial here.

I hope these last minute ideas are any helpful to you now or any other time you might have a last minute costume party. What are you going to/did dress up this Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

For this year, I have one more Halloween themed post in store, and it will be nails. Next year I will probably go bigger than ever with Halloween stuff and I'm starting the planning right when the Halloween stuff comes on sale. Next month there will be mostly beauty and lifestyle posts on the blog, but I will try to get on the fashion/style side of things as well soon. For style updates, I would recommend following my Instagram @silvertigo, since I post daily outfits on weekdays and sometimes on weekends as well. I'll see you all in my next post!

Have a lovely day babes ♥


  1. So hard to choose one favorite because they all are fantastic. We don't celebrate Halloween here but in February we have carnival and I think I am going to turn to you blog and steel some ideas :))

    1. Thank you babe, I'll be super glad if you find inspiration from these! And will be fun to know what you will go as to the carneval ♥


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