Fall Favorites

Hey lovelies! How are you today? ♥

Since it's technically almost winter here in Finland, despite the weather still being in fall, I thought it would be fun to share my fall favorites of 2017 with you. These are not in a particular order but they sure have all been favorites this fall.

Nail polish

Nail polishes

You know nail polishes are my favorite thing all year every year, so they had to be included. This fall I've been loving burgundy, purple and over all dark shades. Although I think that's me every year. The brand of choice is of course China Glaze because it fits my price range, they are cruelty free and I can always find shades I like. The ones featured are called Rock N' Royale, Royal Pain In The Ascot, Glamcore, Dawn Of The New Reign and Purple Fiction.


Warm knits

Keeping warm is very important to me when it gets cold outside, and luckily it seems that cozy knits are fashionable every fall and winter. I especially like to bundle up into super chunky ones as you've seen every previous year in this blog. I believe.


Chunky scarves

Goes along with the first point, I love being cozy but still having style, and I think owning cute scarves helps a ton. Especially the plaid print ones, because I think they bring nice personality to a look.


Kiss Me lipsticks

Since summer, I've been loving Kiss Me liquid lipsticks from LiveGlam. They are cruelty free, they ship you three nice colors monthly and the subscription does not break your bank. I've worn these more or less daily, so they truly are a favorite. And although I usually opt for the more neutral shades, I wanted to photograph fun colors here. I will be swatching every shade I own from them in a future post, as well as reviewing them more thoroughly.



Don't we all love candles when it's dark outside? My favorite thing is to light these ones in front of mirror so the light of the flames reflects a bit to the whole room. But I must say I light these ones too seldom because most days I hang more in the livingroom side of this room and just light the two candles on my coffee table.

Christmas lights

... and Christmas lights

I wouldn't be the basic white girl without some string lights in my apartment, right? I do put up some every single year, and some stay throughout the year because I just love how they look. The lights get me so much into the Christmas mood, and I must say that at the moment I'm super excited to get the tree up within only few days.


Hot tea & tea calendar

Or basically hot drinks in general. I've been also having coffee every single day, but tea is my true love in all of it's forms. So much so that I got a tea calendar for counting down to Christmas. Also, that glass skull is the best cup I have! As much as I do love my Moomins and Hello Kittys, this one is absolutely me. And it's so nice to see your drink through it.



This is something I've been kind of obsessed lately. I've ordered quite many different colors of my favorite yarn - Seitsemän Veljestä (Seven Brothers) by Novita. They also have these gradient versions of it, which take the knitting to the next level with the automatic pattern. Like in the colorful parts of the white mittens here.


Cute accessories

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've been stuck to same few accessories with my outfits. I personally don't mind because obviously they are favorites, but maybe sometimes I could reach out for different items as well.


Eyeshadow palette

I think I mentioned this one in a haul last week, but here it is with a better picture. The Makeup Revolution Romantic Smoked palette has been my go-to eyeshadow for months now. I love the colors in this one, and I think they are so great for everyday wear. You can also make such a dramatic look with them since there are dark colors too, but I've been mostly loving the lighter shades on my everyday looks. I probably should try other palettes I have every once in a while, but I've been loving this one a ton lately.

Fox Evolution

Cute video games

Including basically any game with cute animals, but I've been most obsessed with Fox Evolution (in the picture) and Cat Quest on PS4. But also The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs, Pokemon Go and Best Fiends have been weekly - and some even daily - plays in my schedule. For the Cat Quest obsession I blame my boyfriend who bought that one for me and has been encouraging me to play it. Not that I would be at all upset about it, the game is fun, although maybe a tiny bit easier than what I should be playing if I wish to evolve as a gamer ever.

What are your fall favorites this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I'm off to play some more Cat Quest before bed. I hope you all enjoyed this post, and I can't wait to hear some your favorites as well. I'll be back with another post in a couple of days, but in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram for more content. See you on the next post!

Have a lovely week ♥


  1. Pretty colorful post. I didn't knew that tea advent calendar exists. I knew about the one with cosmetics, but this one was a surprise for me. I hope I will find something similar in my country!

    1. I was trying to find gluten-free yet edible calendars and this was such a great option. :) Hope you can find one as well, I believe Nordqvist sells those on their webshop to abroad as well although the shipping costs might be a lot. I'll be featuring the teas as much as I can on my Insta story next month. ♥


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