Blue Snowflake Nails

On Holiday time, I often get super inspired to do many themed nail art designs. This year doesn't seem any different as I already started my third mani of the month yesterday. Here on the blog, I will today share my second Christmas mani of the year, which is maybe more a winter design. But I wanted to play with techniques as well as new stuff I got from Born Pretty Store. I'll talk more about them below along with the pictures.

winter nails

So as you can see, I did some layers with stamping and jelly polish. I have to say that I don't actually own too many jellies since I wasn't too into stamping for a while but now, I feel like I should get few for designs like this. The white stamping polish is Born Pretty Store's own, and it came in a stamping kit I got for trying out. It did very well, and I also used a transparent stamper from Born Pretty as well. Additionally, I used China Glaze Chillin' With My Snowmies for added snow effect.

snowflake nails

I have to say that I'm super happy about how the two stamped nails turned out. The blue jelly polish is China Glaze Simply Fa-Blue-Less. I thought is looked gorgeous with white and it also fit the theme "Suomi 100", which has been up here in Finland because our country turned 100 years old on the 6th. And in case you don't know, our flag is white with a blue cross, so these are the national colors.

holo snowflake

For the thumb and the ring finger I wanted to try holographic foil patterns, which I also got from Born Pretty. Funny enough they don't look holo in these pics, but I assure you they did in real life. I hope I can capture that better with some other pattern later on. The blue here is same as in the snowy nails, but here I added stuff over two layers of blue. The iridescent glitter polish under the patterns is China Glaze Snow Globe.

christmas nails

Last nail to talk about is the pinky finger. There I used China Glaze Star Hopping as base, and added a layer of Chillin' With My Homies on top to tie it together with the rest. All in all I really enjoyed the design and it was fun to try out new items her. I think this one looked really fun and it went well with the dress I wore to the concert we went to.

snow nails

What do you think about these nails? Let me know in the comments below!
That's all for today's post, but I have lot more to come this December. I will talk about our gingerbread house, share some favorite winter drinks and of course talk more about the nails. Stay tuned for all that and don't forget to follow me on Instagram for daily outfits and more!
Have a lovely week ♥

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  1. I love it your nails.


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