Bucket List 2018

New year, new resolutions. 

I've actually never been one to really make New Year's resolutions because I don't really believe in them. Instead I do believe in bucket lists. So I made one for the year. 50 things, big and small. Some that are bit of reaches, some are things that I know will happen. Some might happen the year after this. Some seem vain, some are deeper. And I figured how to make this interesting both me and you, so I may put a little explanation to some, AND once I achieve something, I will either mark it on a blog post concerning it or I will highlight it a bit on Instagram (follow me on @silvertigo if you don't already do so!). And of course at the end of the year, we will see how did I do. 


That being said, I won't be upset not to fill this list completely, but this will challenge me to live a bit more full. And posting this on the Internet forces me to actually do things because this is here for everyone to see.
  1. Travel abroad (I may have something booked already...)
  2. Move into a new apartment (Change is good, once a perfect apartment comes along.)
  3. Try something new with my hair (Maybe not something too radical, but just a little something to bring my look to 2018)
  4. Get back into downhill skiing
  5. Go swimming in natural water
  6. Enjoy midsummer bonfire
  7. Go to a festival
  8. Attend a video game event
  9. Create at least 10 Halloween looks (Last year I didn't challenge myself enough, this year I want to)
  10. Get a proper PC setup (For gaming, editing and such.)
  11. Get a ringlight (to help out with #44)
  12. Get a background for indoor shooting (For better outfit pics, unless #2 happens so perfectly that the place is a proper background)
  13. Try to have 1 plantbased day per week. (For my health, for the planet and for my curiosity of new foods.)
  14. Learn to cook something new every month
  15. Call people more instead of messages
  16. Get a pet (I've been wanting one for years, so maybe now is the time?)
  17. Attend a wedding
  18. Make Valentine's Day plans
  19. Create a capsule wardrobe (I've been watching so many videos of these that I really want one.)
  20. Go hiking
  21. Go fishing
  22. Try a new drink
  23. Declutter everything I own (Less unnecessary things = more relaxed mind)
  24. Blog weekly
  25. Switch haircare products into cruelty-free ones (Since my makeup is already in shape, it's time for more)
  26. Switch skincare and hygiene products into cruelty-free ones
  27. Go to a concert
  28. Grow Instagram organically to 5000 followers (This will mostly challenge me to create better content for you all so I would be worth following)
  29. Fill Pokedex as well as I can (Yes, I still play Pokemon Go. Do not judge me.)
  30. Meet new people
  31. Try Indian food
  32. Try a new nail technique every month (Learning is the best thing for brain after rest and food.)
  33. Try a new makeup technique every month
  34. Draw one portrait (I used to be decend at drawing, I would love to try it out again)
  35. Knit something
  36. Make seasonal Starbucks copycat drinks at home (at least one per season)
  37. Go on monthly dates
  38. Go skiing
  39. Get a new laptop (for blogging purposes)
  40. Get a new phone (same as #39 really)
  41. Have a girls' night
  42. Have a dream date
  43. Declutter nail polish collection (It's been a while since I last did this)
  44. Make videos for YouTube (maybe vlogs or nail art stuff)
  45. Decorate properly for Halloween
  46. Stick to a workout routine
  47. Get into posting videos to Instagram (Like I said, I want to challenge my content creating skills)
  48. Enjoy cozy nights at home
  49. Learn to bake gluten free things
  50. Be happy 

What do you think about the bucket list? And moreover, what do you all have on your bucket list for next year? Let me know in the comments below!

I might post one more thing this year, and that would be my New Year's Eve outfit and makeup. But other than that, I'll see you all next year. I hope your NYE will be amazing, and that the new year will treat you well. I'm absolutely excited to the new year, a fresh start is very much needed right now. And with this list, I will try to make most of it. I hope this post can inspire you to challenge yourself into doing something new or experiencung life more.

Have a lovely day ♥

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