Christmas Decor 2017

Every Christmas, the best part for me is that I get to decorate the house with some Christmas items. Usually I don't go too overboard, and this year is no exception. In this post, I'm sharing the decorations I put up this Christmas. 

christmas decor

For few years, I've been loving making arrangements out of the decorations that don't make it into the tree. I sort them by color and add them somewhat neatly to a clear box (I use the ones I store the decorations in for the rest of the year to minimize unnecessary clutter). Then I place these boxes around the apartment. 

ornament arrangement

This silver one with blue is probably my favorite this year. I think the colors are so wintery and nice. This one sits on my living room table and I think it brings nice vibe. 


A red arrangement is located next to my tea calendar. I love getting a new flavor of tea every day until Christmas, these are nice to either take to work or enjoy at home in the evening. 


And of course I would not be a Finn if I didn't have a couple of reindeer within my Christmas decor. 

snowman lights

I also have this super old set of lights with snowmen. It's very cute and festive, and I've had it since I was about five or so. I still love them and need to have them up every year. 

christmas tree

Lastly, I'll show you few snaps of our Christmas tree. I've bought this white tree the first Christmas I lived away from my parents house, and it's been up every year since. I love the fact it has some silver within the white base, because that kinda gives a cool snow shimmer effect. I don't like to overdecorate the tree so that all the decorations would stand out nicely. I also need to put the tree up the first day of December so that I can enjoy it as long as possible. 

Below are few of my favorite details from the tree this year. 

top of the treefox ornamentornamentspresents

I also have few gifts under the tree for some special people in my life. 

How do you like these decorations? And, what are your favorite holiday decorations in your own home? Let me know in the comments! 

That's all for today, but I will get back to you tomorrow unless I'm too exhausted from the gig today. More about that can be seen on my Instagram (@silvertigo) so follow me there for more updates! 

Have a great weekend! 

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