Kiss Me Liquid Lipsticks Review

My favorite lipstick brand for a while now has been Kiss Me by Liveglam. They make mostly liquid lipsticks, but also glosses. I love that they are cruelty-free, and that you can get the lippies delivered to your door monthly. I've been ordering them since June, and haven't been disappointed so far. Although, to be fair, I've read some people telling they've not liked the formula. But the ones I've gotten have been relatively good. Below I will explain a little more about the service, as well as show you some swatches of the lipsticks.

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LiveGlam is a compay that offers different beauty-related subscription boxes. I've personally only tried out the lipstick service, so that's the only one I'll be referring to. The lipstick subscription brings you three new lippies every month for the price of $19.95 when you're in the US, and everywhere else the shipping is additional $4.99. Which to me is quite reasonable. That is if you are a beauty enthusiast and want more fun lipsticks. If you don't care for liquid lipsticks, this naturally is not for you.

Edit: As of today, 19th of January, it has come to my attention that last month (December) there has been a security breach at LiveGlam site, and some of the customer payment information has been compromised/been accessed by a third party (hackers). Therefore, I'd advice you to wait a month of two before signing up so that you can see whether there are any issues. Personally I seem to not have been affected by this, but this makes me check my balance extra carefully if I continue using the service - which I have otherwise been very happy about. Let this be a warning that we should all be very careful always when shopping online, and choose wisely where we put our credit card info. 

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November's package looked like this. It had a golden bag for the lippies and a informative paper telling a little bit about each shade.

28.11.2017 022 (Large)28.11.2017 025 (Large)

The shades in November were Bae (peachy color), Soulmate (lavender-y pink) and Girlfriend (bright fuchsia pink). I really loved this set because I feel it's one of the most versatile ones. You have the brighter pink for bolder looks, and the two other ones work perfectly with any looks. Soulmate is my favorite of the three, I actually just wore it yesterday the last time and I really love the way it looks on me.

28.11.2017 055 (Large)

Here you can see all the shades I had received before the beginning of December. So I have the lipsticks from June to November here, plus two shades I've gotten as extra (one from my prize points, one when I ordered the first time with Shaaanxo's referral link). You could say there's quite the rainbow, although I'd say they have provided very wearable shades so far. 

Below, I will give you swatches of each of them, and I hope they are at all helpful. I thought about trying these all for you but I think those posts will have to wait until I get a proper macro lense. Also, note that the names are according to the order of the swatches, which actually are more or less reversed compared to the product photos. My bad, but I only noticed it while editing the photos.

28.11.2017 026 (Large)28.11.2017 034 (Large)

These shades are called Sherbet (bright peach), Couture (oxblood red), Satin Sheets (dark but bright pink), Pink Cherry (neon pink with a hint of metallic finish) and Berry (bright lilac).

28.11.2017 036 (Large)28.11.2017 038 (Large)

These ones are Happily Ever After (peachy nude), Single A.F. (nude gloss), Luxe (neutral, bit peachy nude) and Promiscuous (light nude).

28.11.2017 040 (Large)28.11.2017 045 (Large)

The next ones are Vixen (burgundy red), Bestie (bit dark mauve), Cosmo (bright red with quite a bit of orange in it) and Poison Apple (bright red).

28.11.2017 046 (Large)28.11.2017 050 (Large)

And the last ones: Royal (mauve pink, and my favorite of all), Magic (orange gloss with golden shimmer), Pillow Talk (bright pink) and Teddy Bear (cappuccino toned nude).

All in all I have been extremely happy with this subscription, but there and few things to note. One would be that like with all dark lip products, you should use a somewhat matching lipliner with the darker shades. They can come out a tiny bit patchy and bleed if you're not careful with the application. Second, if you don't like liquid lippies, find some other service. Third, of you live somewhat far off the US, it takes a little while to ship.

But nevertheless, for me this has been a great find. I love trying new lipsticks, but I am kinda lazy to get out swatching. So this works wonders for me. I like the fact that each month provides points to my account, and the fact I can skip a month or swap the shades to previously published ones without extra cost - naturally skipping a month skips the payment and the points. I love that they have brought out so many different nudes, because there is a perfect shade for most people that way. I also enjoy trying shades I normally wouldn't buy, but since they come to me, I kinda have to breach out a bit. You can see the shades before paying or shipping, so you know beforehand whether that is your cup of tea or not. 

Have you tried this subscription service? And, what is your favorite beauty subscription box? Let me know in the comments below!

 That's all for today's post, I hope you liked this one and that it might be helpful for those who are considering ordering from there. Later this week, I try to post another beauty post and maybe something else as well if only I have time. I'm wishing to post at least two times per each week this year if only I have something interesting enough to post about. I have few ideas for this month and February as well, so stay tuned for that. Also, in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram (@silvertigo) for more updates and daily outfits. 

Have a wonderful week ♥

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