Night In Japan

Last weekend, me and a special someone had a pretty food themed day. We started the day by visitind Vire trade fair at Tampere Trade Fairs. I got an invitation and ticket from Europicnic/Sigdal Bakery, who had come up with gluten free crisp bread and wanted to get people to come and taste it. Of course since it was an event about food - moreover, gluten free food as well as vegan food, I was very interested to go and check things out. The event itself was nice and my boyfriend enjoyed it as well, but after the event we had the real date night.


We decided to do a "night in Japan" kind of date night, because I gave him a date night jar as a Christmas present, and he fished this one out of the jar. So I made a reservation to my favorite Japanese restaurant Nomu, which is trust since their knowledge about gluten free diet seems very good, and they know how to ask the right questions to get you the food you are able to eat. 

And also, the food is good. 

Since we were driving our own car, we opted for mocktails. Nomu has quite amazing mocktails and they're rarely exactly the same. They are listed as "Mocktail of the day" so you don't exactly know what you get - unless you of course ask from the staff. This time we asked for a fresh drink, and what we got was close to a non-alcoholic mojito. And it was very good!

maki rolls
We both got some sushi, I got maki rolls and he got salmon sashimi. I'm so happy he likes sushi as well because that means I can share this passion with him. I also dared him to taste these makis because he hadn't tasted nori probably ever, and these had the slightest amount in them. He seemed to like this as much as I did which was so much fun to me.

chicken skewers
Second, I got chicken skewers, since they are really good there. And can be made gluten free because I can handle the soy sauce. Probably they could make this without the dressing as well if you were one to not eat any soy sauce. This is one of my go-to meals there, absolutely one of my favorites.

deep fried fish
He got this delicious looking deep fried dish that apparently was made out of different fish. Usually I can't eat anything deep fried because most things are covered with wheat flour - like these - and it's basically poison for my celiac body. But I would've definitely tasted this if I could.

Since I also try to open my mind about veggie options, I opted for mushrooms instead of the usual Edamame beans. This was a mixture of different mushrooms marinated in sake butter, which sounded delicious and actually was that as well. I'm really trying to choose more plant-based or at least meat free options in my life just to see how it would make me feel and also out of pure curiousity towards vegan/vegetarian food. Clearly I'm not nowhere close to vegan as it is, but I want to eat less meat and dairy in the future. So tasting veggie foods is a place to start for me.

japanese snacks
After the meal we headed to East Asia Mart and bought some Asian snacks (surely these might not all/any be Japanese per se, but fitting enough for the theme anyway). I couldn't taste all of these because of wheat, but it was still fun to be a part of this and at least smell  the ones I couldn't eat. We also played some Pokemon Go as well as watched a Pokemon movie, so it truly was a fun themed night, and we definitely decided to do it again sometimes later. 

Have you done a themed date night? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all for today's post, next time I'll probably be posting on Sunday after all the stuff I will have going on on the weekend. In the meantime you can follow me into all the shenanigans on my Instagram (@silvertigo). I post my daily outfits and more. See you in the next post!
Have a wonderful weekend ♥

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