Wardrobe Wishlist

You know how I mentioned capsule wardrobe in my Bucket List post? While I absolutely want to create one and have less stuff in my wardrobe, I also want to freshen up my style and outfits a little bit. I don't by any means say that I absolutely need all of these, but more that I wish I had these in my closet. Some of these would replace old, maybe bit outdated stuff in my closet, but some would be addition to it. All in all I would still get rid of more clothes than I'd buy, since I have too much in there. But you know, a girl can dream about clothes, right?

plaid skirts

Chic plaid skirt
 I do own two plaid skirts, but I would happily change one or both to a more chic one.

faux leather skirts

Vegan leather skirt
It's been a while since I owned a leather skirt, but I think it would fit my wardrobe perfectly. Preferably in black vegan leather.

Plaid pants

Plaid pants
I've been wanting red plaid pants for a while now. I think they have such a great rock chic vibe but are still totally wearable in everyday life.

Light blue jeans

Light blue jeans
I do have a pair, but I don't think it's the perfect pair. I'd rather exchange it into better quality ones.


Turtleneck pieces with and without sleeves
I feel these are quite chic for the office and they suit to my bodytype. I think these in black and grey - maybe even in white - would be cool.

white knits

Neat white knit 
Only slightly oversized, I do own one super oversized I wear at home but I'd need an office appropriate version of it.

xmas sweaters

"Ugly" sweaters 
I kinda want to up my Christmas season clothing collection. I'd hope to find one with a fox in it, and one Star Wars themed - because yes, I have to be a bit nerdy like that.

wool coats

New tall wool jacket
I have quite a nice one, but I think update might be appropriate.

white jeans

Non-cropped white jeans
Let me explain. I have a nice pair of white jeans, but even for a short girl like me, they are bit too cropped to wear in cold weather. So a new, longer pair would be needed.

faux leather pants

Good-quality vegan leather pants
 Kind of the same story as with light blue jeans, I have nice ones, but as they are from an affordable store the quality isn't amazing. I'm going to budget for a quality pair.

leopard blouses

Leopard print blouse
I think a chic addition to my style would be finding a cute leopard print blouse. That would make a lovely outfit for office with plain jeans, neat skirt or whatever.

black knits

Light black knit
 I have a chunky one, but I think a lighter one would make my outfits more versatile.

red jeans

New red jeans
 I have a red pair that used to be cool with the wax finish, but years of wearing and washing has worn the effect out and left the jeans not so perfect. So, a pair of bright red jeans would be great for my closet.

dr. martens

Dr. Martens - or similar
 These are such a staple in rock style wardrobe, but I don't own any yet. I'm not educated on the fact if Dr. Martens come in vegan leather at all, but I'd prefer a pair that doesn't contain animal.

corset tops

Corset top
For summer looks and gym motivation, I'd want my closet to include couple of cute corset tops. These are also really nice for the rock chic looks, and can be dressed up or down.

statement jewelry

Better statement jewelry
 Since I've noticed I tend to wear the same pieces all the time, so decluttering my jewelry stash an getting few carefully chosen pieces like the eagle one I wear basically weekly would be the best option. The pieces of course should be more or less rock inspired ones.

dainty necklaces

Dainty layerable necklaces
If you followed me back in 2014 and 2015, you know I loved layering a ton of accessories. I still enjoy it, but want to take it to the next level by changing the big and bold necklaces into dainty ones. It would take my style into more chic direction but still stay true to my old style in a way.


Quality sneakers
 I have three pairs of colorful sneakers (Converse lookalikes) in my closet, but the thing about them is that their quality isn't amazing. As I'm closing to 30 in couple of years, I'm starting to appreciate the quality over quantity despite the social media kind of telling me to do otherwise. So, I will get rid of the affordable versions and invest into a pair or maximum of two of higher quality sneakers in the near future.

What is on your wardrobe wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today's post. I feel it's quite refreshing to be writing about style since I've been doing too little of that last year. During the spring I hope to get more into outfit posts as well, if my boyfriend is willing to be my photographer. Maybe you'll even spot some of these items if I can find them. But for more style content, you should definitely follow me on Instagram (@silvertigo) where I post daily outfits.

Have a lovely weekend everyone ♥


  1. Do you have links to some of the plaid and leather skirts? I'm looking to own one of each as well and fell in love with a couple in your post!!

    1. Yes, they can be found on Polyvore! For the plaid skirts go here: https://www.polyvore.com/plaid_skirts/set?id=233230452 and for the leather skirts here: https://www.polyvore.com/faux_leather_skirts/set?id=233230708

  2. Such a perfect wishlist. More knitwear is high on my list - especially in white - they looks so cosy and cute.

    1. Thank you Sherin! Neat knitwear is a necessity in the countries we both lkive in, right? ♥

  3. I wish you all the best for 2018 and may this new year bring you everything from your wishlist!


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