Creating Capsule Wardrobe

After decluttering my closet and really putting thought into how many clothes I really need - and what kind of items I want to own (as seen here), I wanted to take the challenge one step further. I wanted to create a capsule wardrobe, which would include the core items of the season we're currently in, so that picking out an outfit for each day would be an easier process.

The things I had as quidelines were:
- Rock chic
- Mix of totally me & office appropriate
- Red, blue, black, white and grey as main colors
- Only own clothes you love (apart from few that you need in addition)

capsule wardrobe items

Another great reason for creating a capsule wardrobe is to see what I actually use and what I don't, and if something never makes the rack (meaning I don't love it enough), then maybe it's time to give it up. Also, this way I see if I actually have need for any piece - and then I can try to find one in sustainable way. I feel like having too much stuff and constantly buying new things is not good for me or the planet. Not that I could save the whole world by myself, but I can make a little difference by my choices. I'll be talking more about sustainable fashion and so on in a couple of posts coming up later this month, one being a general chit-chat post with my thoughts, and the other introducing a new sustainable brand for you.

Anyway, back to today's topic.

The capsule wardrobe you see here is my Spring version of it. I'll create a new one for Summer (as well as for the other seasons), so if you want to see that, let me know so in the comments.

Pieces in my spring wardrobe:
  1. Striped Tee 
  2. Pink Lace Up
  3. Classic White Button Up
  4. Black Cardigan
  5. Light Color Tee
  6. Print Tee
  7. Light Pink Top
  8. White Top (I need to buy a new one)
  9. Black Skater Dress
  10. Blue Skater Dress
  11. Dark Jeans
  12. Grey Cardigan
  13. Light Jeans
  14. Blue Blazer
  15. Pleated Light Dress
  16. Grey Jeans
  17. Ruffled Skirt
  18. High Rise Jeans
  19. Light Colored Blazer
  20. Chic Sweatshirt
  21. White Jeans
  22. Suspender skirt
  23. Grey light Hoodie
  24. Lace up grey Tee
  25. Camo Tee
  26. Light Playsuit
  27. Grey playsuit
  28. Camo Sneakers
  29. Black Loafers
  30. Biker Boots
  31. Knee High Boots
  32. Spiked flats
  33. Pink converse
  34. Mid-High Heeled Booties
  35. Studded pale pink flats

I started out with a simple Ikea rack and metal hangers. I choose minimalistic and white because I felt like it would fit our home decor the best. Then, I took the list seen above and took the said items from my closet group by group (as seen below), and hung them up. (Sidenote: you can see pictures that need to go up to the walls under the rack, but don't mind them, they will get their places soon.)

jumpsuitsskirtsblazersjeanstees and topsfancy shirtslongsleeveddressescardigans 
Exception for this were the shoes, which I organized into our corridor to a shoe rack. But here are the shoes I plan on wearing the most during the Spring:


And lastly, here's how the wardrobe looks like:

capsule wardrobe

I love having some fashion in my blogging corner, it's inspiring to see the fabrics and colors while planning things to post. There's also a matching little bag next to the clothing rack as a part of decor.  The blogging corner still needs a couple of things before it's completely done, but I might make a separate post about it once it's ready. I have some ideas how to make it perfect - and what's best is that it's done on budget. Meaning most of you should be able to afford the exactly same setup not including the PC, which I've put quite a bit money into.

More inspiration for your own capsule wardrobe can be found through pictures here, here and here, as well as on Un-Fancy

Contributing to my bucket list once again: #19 - Create a capsule wardrobe (I've been watching so many videos of these that I really want one.)

Do you have a capsule wardrobe, or would you think about creating one? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this one and that I inspired even one of you to declutter, organize or otherwise think more about your wardrobe. It's so cleansing to have clearer vision of your style. Next post will be up maybe on Friday - or even earlier if I get inspired. I feel like this month is a proper new start for the blogging since I'm in the right mindset, I have the tools and kind of a new start in life altogether. So, that being said, stay tuned for more on this blog, and in the meantime go follow me on Instagram as @silvertigo, where I post daily outfits and more. See you all in the next post!

Have a lovely day ♥


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