My Night Time Routine

I've shared many things with you throughout the years, but I think night time routine isn't one of them. Having a routine before bed is one of the key things to get a good night's sleep, and I for one love getting myself all relaxed before going to bed. Of course having a pretty environment for that helps too, so I've tried my best to make the bedroom as cozy as possible despite my blogging corner being there as well. So our bedroom has an aesthetic of white and light grey with some blackish details and only hint of color. That is a peaceful colorscheme for me and I've slept so well in this new place.



Cozying up

Besides a calming environment, my night time routine starts with having comfy clothes on well before getting to bed. I usually change into comfy loungewear right when I get back home from office, or wherever I happen to be that day. Once I know I don't have to leave home, I love getting comfy in leggings, sweats and so on. And I also make sure the place is mostly tidy so that it won't bother the back of my mind later the night.

Getting clean

Having a clean body equals better sleep. That's something my mom has taught me throughout the years and if only I have time and energy to take a decent shower, I will. But I still avoid overly long or hot showers because not being eco-friendly with water gives me anxiety. 


After the shower, I clean my face properly. Take my makeup off and use a face mask if needed. Cleaning my face is one of the ways to also wash off the stress of the day, and feeling fresh helps me to sleep better.

face cleaning

Then it's time to brush my teeth. Also a key to a better sleep, as well as being vital to oral health.

When getting out of the bathroom, I slip into my pyjamas. Cozy sleepwear is one of my favorite parts of the night time routine. I'm all about two-piece sleepwear including top and shorts, that's the coziest for me from all the options. Also I'm living for the faux fur slippers you can see in the pic.


Unwinding the mind

Relaxing in bed is the next step of my routine. We usually relax in bed for 1-3 hours (depending on how stressful the day has been). For us, that is couple's time since we talk about things and get thoughts off our chests as well as actually having fun by watching things on tablet - like series on Viaplay,  videos on YouTube or streams on Twitch. And to be honest sometimes I get a little hungry and have to get a yogurt or a cookie while we're watching stuff.


One of my new favorites is coloring on my tablet. I found an app called Pixel Art and I'm obsessed with it. It's a digital version of color-by-number painting and you can play it free or without ads for few euros. I paid to remove the ads, although you still need to sometimes watch one to access certain pics. Anyways this is so relaxing to me even though some might say coloring in paper would be better for the quality of my sleep. (For those people I can tell to not worry, I have a physical coloring book and more pens than I need in case I need to better my sleep in the future.)

pixel art

After relaxing in bed enough, we usually cuddle a bit before my boyfriend takes me into his arms and falls asleep while I might watch an episode or two of my girly series before falling asleep myself. I try to make sure I take off the internet connection from all my devices in the bedroom before sleeping, because I don't need notifications popping up and anything like that during the hours I plan to sleep. And, for an extra step that might be controversial for some, I have a dreamcatcher in the bedroom to banish the bad dreams. Call me crazy but I believe it makes me sleep more peacefully. I built it myself on a course where they taught us the history and beliefs related to dreamcatchers and I feel like the personal connection I have to it kind of makes it work.


Of course many other things play into having better sleep, like right workout, good diet and proper bed, pillows, duvet and so on. I'm the kind of person that gets trouble sleeping if my environment is wrong, like too loud, too quiet, having too much light, if my pillow is too thick, if I'm too hot etc. But once I do fall asleep I usually sleep peacefully the whole night without interruptions.

What's your night time routine like? Let me know in the comments!

That's all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this bit more personal post this time. Next post will be up on Friday, but in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram (@silvertigo) for daily outfits and more. See you all in the next post!

Have a fabulous day ♥

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