All Black Everything

You know how I love my black clothes? This look is no exception to that rule. At all. We shot this one earlier this Spring, when the nature hadn't yet woken up and gotten all green as it is now. Right now, I couldn't imagine wearing that heavy scarf or the leather jacket as it is so hot.

spring style
That day, I was really feeling the black layers and especially the corset belt. They're all something I would wear any given day, even though I prefer not having everything black since then you see the details better.

spring outfit

Backpack: H&M Faux leather jacket: H&M (secondhand) Scarf: Gina Tricot

dr martens

These Dr. Martens vegan leather boots are my spring favorite. For a couple of weeks it has been too hot to wear them but I'm still tempted to pair them with something super girly soon for a neat effect. I've been wanting Dr. Martens for years, but never had the push to put that much in them. But my mom is such an angel (and spoils me at times) and she bought them to me after seeing how ruined my previous pair of biker boots were after years of wear. I'm so, so thankful for these boots.

all black everything

Let's ignore the fact how awkward I still am in front of the camera, okay?


Cross blouse: secondhand Black top: secondhand (via Zadaa app) Corset belt: SpiritStore Faux leather skirt: DIY 

I personally really love how the red shoes pop out in this look. They're quite subtle in color in real life, but here they look somewhat vibrant. I also love that my hair color pops out too, and I'm so happy I re-did the color at home with some Manic Panic dyes. It's a little more pink now, since I had a bottom of Hot Hot Pink to use up, but vibrant and awesome nevertheless. 


Ring: eBay Bracelets: H&M and Gina Tricot (I think, not sure since they're old)

What do you guys think about this outfit? Let me know in the comments!

Soon I'll be blogging about a couple of eye shadow palettes I've been loving lately, some nail polishes that are new to my collection, more Tokyo Treat stuff and hopefully also something fashion related. For most posts I have already most if not all photos ready for editing, so I'd only need to edit, upload and write rest of the texts. So I think we will have more regular content than the first few weeks of May. In case you only like the fashion stuff, I recommend following me on Instagram (@silvertigo) where I post something fashion/style related every day - at least on weekdays. (Sometimes I have to have a day off from posting to social media on weekends and focus on the real life things, I know you all understand that.) See you in the next post. 

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