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Since I've been on a journey to have less clothes, having a few more accessories makes a lot of sense to me. With the right accessories, I can make more out of my existing clothing items, and I can add a vibe to the look any time I feel like it. That's why I head to Etsy, and got some things to spice up my outfits.

rock chic look
The first thing I got was this peplum harness in faux leather. This piece was handmade in Ukraine, and one could choose whether it should be made from faux leather or real one, as well as in which color the buyer wants it. My choice was of course black faux leather, I'm not about real leather anymore when I buy something brand new. And the color black is probably obvious because my style has the rock vibes.

etsy peplum harness 
I really like how this harness looks like, I paired it here with a pencil skirt but I really love it with leather leggings, the style it creates then is right up my alley. Also simple dresses would probably be complimented by this piece, since it would make more detail into them.

shop sweet mayhem playsuit 
The other piece is this fringe belt, which I wore in one of the previous posts. I love how this one looks with shorts and rompers, but I bet it would look amazing with a shorter skirt or dress as well. I believe this one also had the same options when ordering it, and again I chose black faux leather. This makes me feel like a metal princess, which I love a lot! I think the fringe would be perfect for a festival look, it makes an outfit so much more fun. (Although this one is quite literally pain in the butt to sit in, haha).

etsy harness 
With these two pieces I feel like my outfits will feel fun for quite the long while. I also own another harness from a Finnish rock/goth style shop with little batwings on it and of course many belts for spicing up my looks. I still have one corset belt type of thing on my wishlist, and we'll see whether I'll get that one soon too of not.

What do you think about these accessories? And, what is your favorite place to hunt unique looking accessories? Let me know in the comments below!
That's all for today, I hope you liked this post and that you are having an awesome weekend! I have been on summer cottage this weekend as you might have seen on my Instagram (follow me on @silvertigo if you don't already!), and going back to the office tomorrow feels little bit unreal right now. But hey, it's only few weeks until my summer vacation! I still have some posts for this month, and then it's July and half of this year is already gone. Insane, really. Anyways, I'll see you in my next post and then we will talk about one of my biggest style influencers. Can you guess who that is?
Have a wonderful new week ♥

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