Happy Monday my loves! I can't believe how many days flew by without me posting here. Sometimes it's a bit tricky to get time to sit down and write with the full time job and other commitments I have outside the blog and social media. And many times I just like to hang out with my boyfriend a simply enjoy life without sharing much to others. Today, however, I felt like posting an outfit. So that's what I did.

rock chic look
The past weekend, we had the most amazing time. I started the weekend off by office summer party, which was fun and I was on the team that won the quiz of the night. I feel quite proud about that. Then on Saturday, my boyfriend took me to brunch since my birthday is coming up tomorrow and we don't get the chance to celebrate properly on the actual day. We also did a little day trip to a nearby town to play Pokemon Go in a new place, which was a ton of fun. Yesterday, we went to the amusement park in the city, and also the petting zoo in it. We didn't exactly go to the rides, but enjoyed the free entrance to the park and played Pokemon, enjoyed the sunny day and had fun. I also got the first cotton candy of the summer and that was probably the best thing whole weekend.

So all in all my boyfriend arranged the best birthday weekend I've probably ever had so far. I'm so thankful for that.

leather skirtbraceletsmetal girl style 
About the outfit in this post; I wore this a couple of weeks ago on the weekend, I don't recall if we were going somewhere to eat then or what we did, but nevertheless I really wanted to share the look because it has so many elements I love. The skirt is secondhand one from Zadaa app, which I love for hunting unique pieces as well as basic items, as well as the top. Shoes might be from Boohoo or if not there, they might also be from any Finnish/Nordic shoe shop we have here in the malls. They're not exactly new so I don't remember properly. The peplum harness is actually an Etsy find, which I will be talking a bit more about in a separate post later this month.

bootssummer style 
When I was editing these pics, I noticed several things I didn't like too much about myself. Like the bags under my eyes, my not-so-much-in-shape arms and the fact my leg hairs show in the shoe pic. But, I figured not to photoshop all that because if being real is not good enough for some, I really don't need to be their cup of tea. There are picture perfect blogs for you to read. I'm 28 tomorrow, so I need to be able to see and show the real me without being insecure about it. Also, I've set myself some goals I want to achieve by the time I'm 30, which will give me solid two years to achieve them starting tomorrow. I might share those things later on, but so far I'm focusing more on the 2018 bucket list (see it here if you haven't already). 

What do you think about this outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all for today, and I'm hoping to schedule few more posts during this week for the rest of the month. It's supposed to be a bit more gloomy week now (weather-wise), so I hope that will inspire me to write this month's pieces ready for you so I can focus on going outside once the weather gets warmer again. But I also want to have content for you since I have many photos already waiting, I only need to type posts to support the pics. If you don't already, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram, where I'm actually active daily. And I'm hoping to reach 5000 followers before the end of the year so all your support is welcome (you can find me as @silvertigo there). See you all in my next post!

Have an amazing week ♥

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