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It's no secret I look up to Elize Ryd, the female singer of the Swedish metal band Amaranthe. I mention her from time to time in my Instagram Story, and I do comment on her socials very frequently. It's safe to say she's one of my role models in many ways. She is beautiful, graceful and talented. She speaks her mind when she strongly feels about something.  I'm constantly heart-warmed by the way she interacts with her fans, especially the younger ones who have fanpages for her. 

And her style is fabulous.

While I wouldn't blatantly copy her, I can openly say she inspires me to find more rock vibed pieces into my wardrobe. Her way of combining very classic fashion with metal elements really makes her stage looks and also everyday styles perfect. And to me, relatable. 

Since I work in an office and in technical field, I wouldn't be too comfortable wearing full on gothic or pure metal style. Not that you couldn't, but I prefer little more classic style when it's about business. I do color my hair all kinds of vibrant shades to bring out my metal side, but I also like to have it in my fashion as well. As I've told you before, I've been trying to declutter my closet and in the same process I've thought about my fashion choices and what I really want from my style (some of it you can read here if you haven't already). I've come into conclusion that I want a closet with office appropriate looks with some more out there looks for my free time. And that's where I can appreciate a thing or two from how Elize's style is.

So, what I've learned from Elize's style:

Classic looks always beautiful.

Like in the photo below, where every piece worn is very basic and in a way classic (the kind of pieces have been around for ages and they're crowd favorites to this day). It doesn't mean the outfit would be boring, but instead very put together. Also I really want boots like that in vegan leather!

Picture by Nat Enemede Photography
In makeup, less can definitely be more.

This might be the thing I love about Elize the most. She isn't hiding her face behind a ton of makeup, but instead seems often to have little to no makeup and yet manages to look stunning. This keeps me inspired to have my no makeup days on weekends and not being afraid of showing my undone face in my socials. Even if I love my painted face a lot.
Picture by Simone Simons (I believe)
Black looks amazing any day

I don't have to explain this one. We all know it's a classic color, looks fabulous on most people and goes with anything etc. 

Picture by Am. Creations
Leather makes any look that much more rock

Leather, and its vegan counterparts are an element that I personally combine to rock style in my mind. I think leather is edgy material and it brings nice character to any look. Although of course I encourage you to look into the leather item your buying and making sure the background of the material would be as ethical as possible. I'm currently educating myself on which kind of leather alternative would be the best options for the values I have. I'll talk about that more once I make up my mind about it.

Picture by Am. Creations
Accessories can definitely make the look

You don't need so many clothes if your accessories are on point. Changing accessories can make a huge difference to an outfit, like in the picture below where a simple bodysuit becomes a cool stage look with the right accessories. I personally love a good corset belt or a harness, both of which instantly bring a little rock chic into an outfit.

Picture by Samuli Keskitalo Photography
Lace can look very modern

There was a time I didn't really like lace since it made me think of wedding dresses, old times and so on. But seeing Elize in some fabulous lace looks has eventually changed my mind for good. Which you might know if you spotted this post. In below picture you can see one of my favorites when it comes to Elize's stage outfits, I love how the white lace looks on her. 

Picture by Tim Tronckoe Photography
Simple hairdos - or even not doing your hair can be the best way to go

I'm personally very lazy when it comes to my hair. I literally just brush it in the morning and I'm done with it most days. That's why I love that Elize mostly wears her hair just as it is, not curling it, not doing difficult hairdos and so on. Of course anyone having locks like hers can get away with that because the hair is so beautiful (and if you check out Amaranthe, even all the guys have more amazing hair than I do). While I'm still having too much fun with semi permanent shock colors to go with my natural color all the way, I definitely enjoy not doing too much styling and instead letting my hair just be. And maybe getting it to grow few inches.

Picture by Tim Tronckoe Photography
Lashes do more to your makeup than lipstick

I don't know if you gathered it from the pics I showed you, but more often than not it seems that Elize doesn't really wear lipsticks. I think I read once that at least on stage, she prefers not to have lips done that much because they tend to smudge during the show. Which I can believe since my lipstick seems to say bye-bye once I even think about them going close to anything. Having eye makeup - and moreover lashes - on point keeps the focus in the eyes, removing the need to really do much to your lips. I do love my bold lippies, but given the choice, I rather leave out lipstick than doing lashes.

Picture by Am. Creations
In case this post makes you interested in reading more about Elize's style and such, I recommend reading more here and here.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the photos in this post unless stated otherwise. If I have used your photo and haven't credited you properly, please don't hesitate to email me so I can give credit to the person it belongs to/add your links and such. This post's purpose is not to make any money whatsoever, but rather highlight points from Elize's style.

So, did I manage to sound like a complete fangirl that I am? Good. I really have no problem sharing with anyone my appreciation towards Elize and the whole Amaranthe band. If you haven't checked out their music, I strongly encourage you to do it right now. Amaranthe is publishing their fifth album within some months from now, and I will definitely be talking about it once it's out. I hope we can also get them to play shows in Finland next year because it's been way too long since I saw them live.

Have you heard Amaranthe's music before? And, do you love Elize's style as well? Let me know in the comments!

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