Summer Capsule Wardrobe

New season, new capsule wardrobe. I've actually created mine at the beginning of the month, but sharing it little late is better than sharing it never, right? 

capsule wardrobe

First thing I thought when creating the wardrobe was the fact I'd be working in the office the whole summer. So I would need office-appropriate pieces that would still be cute for the summer. I have pieces I wouldn't wear to work in my normal closet, but this one is mostly some everyday pieces I can build my looks around. I aim to use at least one of the pieces for each of my everyday looks this summer. This will make me more creative with clothing since I will have to learn more about pairing the pieces differently. Besides office, I need to keep in mind that summer in Finland can be anything for 30 degree Celsius to close to zero and halestorm. Recently we've been blessed with loads of summery warmth, but that could change any day so I need to have jeans and blazer at ready for those occasions.

My color scheme is bit more all over the place in summer, because I like my florals and prints in the summer and that adds quite a bit of color even though the base colors would be somewhere around white and black.

chiffon topsmore topstopsshortstwo pieceskirtsfloral playsuitstripesrock chicchiffonlong sleevesblazers

Pieces in my summer capsule wardrobe (as I had listed as a reminder for myself):
  1. Boston Tee
  2. Pink Crop Top
  3. Light White Button Up
  4. Skull kimono
  5. Striped blazer
  6. Skull Tee
  7. Red Top
  8. White Top
  9. Black Skater Dress
  10. Floral skorts
  11. White Shorts
  12. Grey Cardigan
  13. Black Maxi Skirt
  14. Blue Blazer
  15. Striped two-piece
  16. Plaid pants
  17. Aztec Skirt
  18. High Rise Jeans
  19. Pink Blazer
  20. Pink Sweatshirt
  21. White Jeans
  22. Black mini skirt
  23. Denim vest
  24. Lace up grey Top
  25. Black Ciffon Top
  26. Floral Playsuit
  27. Camo Playsuit
  28. Mint Sneakers
  29. Black Loafers
  30. Dr. Martens
  31. Knee High Boots
  32. Spiked flats
  33. Pink converse
  34. Mid-High Heeled Booties
  35. Studded Litas
As I think I mentioned in my first capsule wardrobe post, my goal is to have less clothes in my wardrobe in the end. This has helped me to get rid of pieces I had held on to, because once I do these capsules it's easier to see which kind of style I go for, and this also gives me ideas where I want my style to be. I've so far given up on some old pieces I had held on to for the wrong reasons, and pieces that are nice and in good condition but don't really do much for the big picture. I hope my Instagram speaks for the style I like and want to have at least a bit. I'm actually talking really soon about one of the ladies whose style inspires me a ton, and what are some points I've taken seeing her style. So stay tuned for that real soon. This experiment also encourages me to alter the clothes I have to better suit my style, I currently have a pile of band tees and such which I need to cut a bit to make them more me, so that I would get more use out of them.

summer capsule wardrobe

Soon I will probably be planning my Autumn wardrobe, and that means I will probably be hunting some pieces online to complete my style as well as donating/selling old things so that the total would be less clothes after the cycle. If this experiment goes right, I should start to have less clothes after each time I switch my capsule, because I will see the items I didn't touch the whole season and therefore it's easier for me to get rid of them. Next time I could try to tell you about the things I ended up giving away in the process of the switch, if you're into that.

Have you tried having a capsule wardrobe? And, what is your favorite clothing piece currently? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed this one and I was so happy the other day when one of my girlfriends messaged me telling she's considering a capsule wardrobe and I could actually help her out a bit. Things like that make me so happy, knowing that anything I've said or done has at least the tiniest bit helped someone. In the next post, I'll probably talk to you about my current favorite false lashes, so stay tuned for that if you like makeup! Also, for more updates you can follow me on Instagram where I post daily outfits and more.

Have an awesome day ♥


  1. Wow, you have amazing fashion sense! I love every piece you picked for your summer closet. I can´t stop wearing my new skinny jeans at the moment :) Thank you so much for sharing this post.
    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl

    1. Skinny jeans really are the best, I nearly only wear skinny ones when I wear jeans! Glad to hear you liked the vibe of the closet, I've been enjoying the items there a lot :)


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