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One of the most defining things in my makeup routine is having cute lashes. I rarely go without false ones, which you can judge all you want to, but it's how I prefer my looks. Still, I don't necessarily don't like to go too dramatic with mine, and I've found a brand that does quite the perfect matches for my liking.

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The brand in question is xoBeauty, founded by the youtuber and beauty influencer Shaaanxo (Shannon Harris). xoBeauty has cruelty-free, synthetic false lashes in various styles, and I've been using them for a while now. I love Shannon's channel, so I figured her brand would be a good mathc for me, which it was. The products come so cutely packaged in the mail, and quite quickly even though they ship from New Zealand.

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Choosing the lash style was a bit of a guessing game, even though there are a lot of pictures of the lashes and Shannon even has videos showing her lashes. But sometimes lashes look different on me than on someone else so... 

Luckily they have multipacks with different styles in them, so trying styles out is not that expensive. I've tried the packs "The Naturals" and "The Dramatics" to figure out my favorites styles. And I've found some staples for my everyday use.

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For the simple looks and natural looks, I like these half lashes called "The Stunner". These are good if you aren't that familiar with using falsies, if you feel like whole lash is too much or anything like that. I feel like these give a cute cat eye effect, but one that's really subtle instead of being all out there. Definitely a staple in my makeup collection now.

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"The Dramatics" pack has five different, little bit more out there styles that are great if you want your lashes to really stand out. I like all of them, but my favorite is undoubtedly the pair in the bottom, in the style "The Soulmate". Simply the name is adorable, but I also love the way these look in my eyes. They also make my eyes a little more cat-like, and they stand out so nicely! Most of the times you see me with quite a bold lash, I'm wearing "The Soulmate". I purchased a pack solely of them this spring and it'll last me a good while.

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This pack is "The Naturals", the lighter option if the dramatic ones seem too much for you. It has the half lash mentioned earlier in this post, but also four other styles. Most of these have an invisible band in them, so wearing them with no liner and not much makeup is definitely a viable option. This is a good pack if you like your looks more natural, and again if you are only stepping your toes into the world of falsies. These are not too overwhelming, and look quite natural even on me, who has not that long and voluminous lashes to begin with.

Below I once again  collected some pics from my Instagram wearing the xoBeauty lashes.

I hope the pics give you any idea how the lashes look on me, I tried to find pics with different lash styles although I mostly wear the Soulmates or Stunners. I've also ordered new styles to try from them, so if you'd like to see a post about that either here or on Instagram, let me know. If you want a post on the blog, I will have better pictures of me using the lashes (meaning I will have to make my boyfriend take some for me, hehe).

Have you ever tried xoBeauty lashes? And, what is your favorite false lash brand? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed this post and that it's any helpful in case you are considering buying lashes in the near future. I like false lashes since they make me able to change my looks even more, but I know they're not for everyone. In the next post I will talk about accessories that have completed my rock chic wardrobe (for now, at least), so stay tuned for that. For more updates, follow me on Instagram where I post things daily. I'll see you all in my next post!
Have a lovely weekend! And Happy Midsummer/Midsommar/Juhannus etc. for those celebrating this weekend ♥

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