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You've probably already seen the post about the kitten moving in with us. If not, click the link here to read that one first. It's the backstory about how we got the cutie into our life. In this post, you'll get to know him a little better, so keep reading.

black cat

Before even meeting the kitten, we learned that he's called Miro (foster mama had thought the name suited him and we haven't changed it to this day, although I've given him about ten nicknames) and that he's loving and playful cat who is scared of other cats - but on the contrary likes any person who gives him enough food. Themter mama seemed to love him to bits, and everything she told about him seemed perfect. His favorite toys were told to be balls, especially ones he could carry around. 

sleeping cat

When we finally met Miro, he came to the door to check us out and say hello, and accepted us right away when we fed him snacks. He was playful and loving like we were told. He played with us, and loved the little balls we brought as toys. One of which came home with him later on. Miro wasn't scared of us, or anything really, and he also followed my boyfriend around and gave us the accepting slow blinks. At some point of the visit, he sat on my feet, and I truly felt like we bonded at that minute. The couple of hours we spent with the kitten made me feel even more strongly about the cat then I already did, and I knew I would've been heartbroken if he didn't end up to us - but the more important thing was that he got the right home for him.

black kitty sleeping

Seven weeks after meeting Miro, we finally got to bring him home. He was very good the whole trip, just a little restless at first, but finally he tried to rest and even sleep the travel time. He wasn't vocal at all, rather little curious about what's happening. And got annoyed that his catnap was interrupted when we stopped the car. Curious is something he is, to the core. Everytime something happens in his territory, he has to come check out what's up. He was jumpy only for the first few days, but in a week he was already brave and super confident about the new home. He loves the kitchen, because there's always a tiny chance of food. But also, he loves the cat tree we got for hime, and can at some point every day be spotted on top of it or in the "hanging" basket that's closest to the sofa. He loves trying to climb everywhere high so that he can observe the territory like the little panther he is. 

cat fur
Food is something this little guy is super passionate about. He knows his feeding times already more than well, and tries to convince anyone feeding him that he hasn't eaten in weeks - making the saddest meows when he waits for the food and has eaten his bowl empty (read: spotless) every single time. And he's patrolling in the kitchen whenever a person goes there to do pretty much anything, pushing against legs so that he gets attention and possibly some food. He also thinks he should be getting  all the human food out there, especially the savory ones. We're still in the process of teaching him he doesn't get food always when people do, and that he will get to eat even if he doesn't rush to kitchen counter to bother whoever is giving him food.

He also eats like a little wolf, rushing through all his meals like it could disappear unless he's fast as lightning when eating. We can't give him dry food from the bowl just yet, because he scoops it down so fast it's not healthy for him. Hence, we feed him from hand few pieces at a time, give the dry food via activity toy or make him run for the food by throwing one at a time on the floor etc for him to "hunt". It takes a little effort but he might learn to eat slower - if you have any tips on how to help him out with that, you can tell them in the comments!
cat paw
Some little fun details about him we've learned so far:

  • Although he's "a black cat", his fur has many shades in it, all the way from black to brown to even white. Mostly those are individual hairs but also areas that show up in the correct lighting.
  • He is very precise about getting daily attention. He vocally complains to me if he hasn't gotten enough lap time, cuddles or play. 
  • He apparently shows deeper affection by gently touching your skin with his teeth. And no, I don't mean he bites or even nibbles at you. He literally just touches the skin with teeth.
  • Since he doesn't have a cat friend, and we don't allow wrestling with our hands, he wrestles with the carpets
  • He is super gentle even the times he is not impressed by what you do and slaps you with paw/bites you. He rather gives a warning than actually harms anyone.
  • He is cuddly. I mean super cuddly. He quickly started laying close to (especially) me, and even on me when the nap time hits. He also frequently comes to sleep in our bed although he also naps all around the house. He also gets cranky if enough lap time is not provided.
  • He eats anything. I don't know if it's because he's young and has the past of being a stray, but this boy would eat anything and everything if not stopped. Like a big dog even though he's a tiny cat.
kitty ears

Is there anything more you'd like to learn about little Miro? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, I hop you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoy sharing details about this little furball. I'm actively sharing his pics and such on my Instagram, so feel free to follow me/us on @silvertigo or if you only want to see him, check out @blackkittymiro! I'll see you in my next post here on the blog really soon!

Have a purrfect day ♥

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