Blogoween: Black Cat Nails

Ready for another Halloween mani? Because I got one for you all! Today's design can be done with two polishes and some decals, so yet again it's something easy to recreate.

cat nails

I thought the combo of white, black and orange was very appropriate for this season, and the orange and black glitter topper is something I haven't touched in a while so it felt nice to get some use out of it. If you create this at home, you can of course use any glitter - or no glitter at all. I also think this would look adorable on shorter nails, styled so that the cat decals become straight on the tips - then no glitter would be needed.

shop keeki decalskitten nails

The cat decals are from Shop Keeki, as most my current ones are. Their decals are super easy to use but you have to make sure to protect them with generous amount of top coat to prevent them from smudging. I've done the mistake of half-assing the top coat and it has resulted to decals wearing out too quickly. Which also happened to this kitty, I accidentally knocked half of his face off so I had to repair it with black polish, resulting him becoming a pirate! (One-eyed cats matter too!)

cat nail decals

I tried to use the glitter topper in a way that the effect would look like the cat is jumping from the middle of the glitter. Don't know how well you get that image but I sure did, haha.

black cat nails

What do you think about this nail design? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, but I'll be back with a little foodie post tomorrow! If you miss my outfit posts - which I still need to get properly back on, those will hopefully follow next month but now, my daily outfits can be spotted on my Instagram (@silvertigo)! And since this is related to cats and nails, I'll take a minute to advertise our cat's account @blackkittymiro - as well as my nail account @silvertigonails. I'll see you in the next one!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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