Blogoween: Hogwarts Student (Slytherin)

Today it's time for our weekly Potter movie (we're having themed movie nights throughout October), and I felt like dressing up for it. Or maybe I had decided to do this earlier, but it went nicely with today's movie theme.

slytherin girl outfit

This is something that could be pulled off as a last minute look, depending on what you (or your friends and family) have in your closet. All you need are a white collared shirt, black or grey skirt (preferably pleated but skater skirt goes too), grey or black knee-high socks, casual shoes, tie in your house colors and house crest as a badge.

hogwarts student outfitSlytherin student costume

You can probably see my badge isn't properly attached, and that's because it isn't. I put it on with a piece of two-sided tape to hold it on just for the pics, but you can absolutely attach yours as firmly as you want to. My only real regrets with this look are not having the cape and/or wand. Those would've really made the look! 

slytherin halloween costumeHogwarts student look

For the makeup, I primed my face just a bit, added little blush, bronzer and highlighter for a youngish glow, made the brows darker but not really too defined, added a dash of eyeshadow for dimensions, and then used a bit on eyeliner pencil and mascara. And added the tiniest bit of sheer lipstick to make the lips a little more pink. Kind of how I would've used makeup as a teen myself. Didn't want to make it too perfect because that I feel takes away from the youth of the look. Caked face would look too old. 

Hogwarts student makeup

What do you think about this cute little costume? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, I'm going to relax now, watch the movie with my boyfriend and try to heal my cold a bit more. I'm feeling it might be getting a bit better, but I'm still grateful for having one more day off tomorrow. I don't feel I would be ready for work yet. I'll see you tomorrow in another post!

Have a wonderful weekend ♥

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