Blogoween: Vampire Ariel

Ready for another costume idea? Once again it's more makeup than the outfit, but I try to give some sort of outfit suggestion in the end as well. Wanna learn more about this look? Then keep reading! 

vampire ariel
So after the Lady Joker idea, I got inspired about doing other crossover/with fun twist looks.  So I thought about what characters would be fun to do and how they would get a nice twist. One of my (and so many else's) favorite dress-up characters must be Little Mermaid, Ariel. So I wanted to make another version of her. Her as a vampire. 

ariel vampire

I know I do my vampires every year but it's just such fun makeup to do. And this one didn't take too long. I did the Ariel makeup based on a cute tutorial on YouTube (click here to see it), and then transformed it into the vampire form by painting the skin paler, exaggerating the shadows on my face with grey, and painting the veins with thin brush and lipsticks. And of course adding some blood on my mouth.

girl vampire
Little mermaid vampire

To finish off this look, you could pair it with a dark colored crop top and skinny jeans/mermaid hem skirt for the dark mermaid effect, or go more vampire princess by wearing a black dress, preferably with lace. Or wear the Ariel costume if you have one!

redhead vampire

What do you think about this costume idea? Let me know in the comments!

I was literally quite late for this one as I started creating the vampire part of the look an hour before posting this online. But you know, that goes to show it's somewhat easy to do in a short time. Me being sick has really tried to mess up my schedule but I'm hoping to make it through this week without having to stay in bed because I have a ton of things planned and no time to be doing nothing. I'll see you tomorrow with another nail art post!

Have a wonderful day loves ♥ 

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