Blogoween: Witch Costume

Like I promised yesterday, today there'll be two posts. This is the first of them, and another one will be up within few hours. I know I did one witch costume already (the Hogwarts one), but I also wanted to create one not tied to any brands whatsoever.

witch outfit
I also got the cat to help out with this one. The cat toy is doubling here as a wand as I don't own one yet. I have this black dress from Pretty Little Thing that kind of gave me witch vibes, and I combined it with boots, hat and rings for a full effect. This might be even better with dark tights, to be honest! 

witch costumeslush palette

For the makeup, I wanted to use the September Rose Slush palette. It has amazing, vibrant colors that would make a good witchy look when combined correctly. I also used Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick in shade Serpent and Kiss Me lippie in Yachti for magical pout. The lashes you'll see in the pics are Soulmate ones by xoBeauty.

witch makeup

For the eyelook, I used the shades Grape, Black Currant, Berry Blast and Sour Apple from the Slush palette. I felt like it not only matched my hair, but also made the perfect witch look. This could be modified to fit all the styles, you could also pair this with a more gore kind of witch look - I wanted to do something that's cute and wearable - well, at least somewhat wearable.

purple and green makeup

So, what do you think about the witchy look? Let me know in the comments!

Like mentioned, I will be posting another post very related to this later today. It's to make up a bit for the lack of posts last week. The Blogoween was a stretch I hoped I could push through and mostly I did well, I just realize now that I should've prepped a little bit more in advance. Well, you live and you learn. I didn't predict getting so mentally exhausted. But enough dwelling, stay tuned for the other post today!

Have a lovely day ♥ 

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