Cruelty-free Hair Care Routine

Today, I'm sharing my current routine with my hair. It's been a while since I did one (if I've ever posted one), and as I have been switching my products into cruelty-free ones, I thought it was time to share what I love when it comes to hair.

purple andblue hair

First, I want to give a tiny disclaimer; I'm Still fairly new into the whole cruelty-free scene when it comes to hair care, so please don't stone me to death if I'm not doing perfectly yet. I'm learning more all the time.

I actually don't have a very elaborate routine simply because I'm a little lazy, and I don't want to have my hair full or product 24/7. This is one of those things where a little bit goes a long way.

hair dyes

Today, I'll start by telling you about my hair dyes. I do refresh my color at home between salon visits, and as I've shown, I do use Manic Panic often. But, I've also dived into Arctic Fox train, as they too are cruelty-free and vegan - and if a review I saw was to believe, at least the turquoise bleeds and fades less on their dye than on Manic Panic one. But to be fair, I haven't done a test myself so I cannot 100% confirm that fact. One thing I love about both Manic Panic and Arctic Fox is that you can dilute both to less vibrant shades with conditioner. Which to me sounds awesome for the hair health and all.

The hair in the first pic was achieved with Arctic Fox Aquamarine (diluted with conditioner) and Manic Panic Electric Amethyst, mixed a bit with Arctic Fox Virgin Pink. I'm not amazing at doing my hair, but I can somewhat mimic the color areas my hairdresser has made so that the result is decent.


When it comes to washing my hair, I try not to do it too often if possible. That makes the shock colors stay longer, as I'm not washing them away. I also use shampoo and conditioner in non-traditional order; I condition first, and shampoo after. That's apparently a good way for those of us who have thin hair and want to get more volume, as some conditioners can weight the hair down if there's too much left after the rinse. Shampooing after conditioner is supposed to take that excess away, and therefore make the hair more lightweight. Now, I don't know if that's true or not, but it has felt good for a couple of years or so. I shampoo one to two times, depending on how greasy I let my hair get between washes, if I use any product on the scalp etc.

As for the drying, I lightly wrap my hair in a towel after shower, and let it sit there for some minutes - some will say that's bad for your hair, and if you feel like that, just don't do it. I then let my hair air dry as much as possible, because I don't like adding heat to my hair unless it's necessary (to achieve a style or dry it super fast).

fresh from shower

Before my hair gets all dry, I apply some serum to it for little added moisture. The one I'm using now is by Paul Mitchell, it should be cruelty-free (and vegan?) and it smells like fruits. I think the scent might be artificial watermelon or something like that, but whatever it is, it kind of works in a hair product. I brush it into my hair with Tangle Teezer brush, which has been a staple in my hair care routine for a long time now.

heat tools

I know you often see me with more or less curly/wavy hair, but did you know my hair is not naturally curly. Instead, it's very straight and has a hard time holding a curl. But I never use a heat tool for it unless it's a special occasion. Again, it's because I don't want to cause extra stress to my hair if I don't have to. So how I do my hair? I sleep with a pun. I wrap my hair into a little bun and secure it with a scrunchie. When I do it with Still damp hair (after wash), it creates quite nice curls - and the second, third and fourth day (etc.) keep the curl there. One could also wet the hair a bit for more intense curls the next days.

If and when I do heat style my hair, I make sure to use a heat protection spray and lowest heat possible. In the pic you can see the hair tools I own but rarely use, but no, I'm not decluttering them so far, as I like having them in case I want to style my hair or of a friend staying over maybe needs them. One thing I'm not yet satisfied with my hair care routine is my styling products, like the heat protector. As I don't use them daily, I still have products that aren't cruelty-free as I haven't used up the old ones. (Therefore I'm not sharing them more in detail because I don't feel good promoting them.) However, I'm confident that next year I get to find myself cruelty-free alternatives. If you have any tips for what to buy, do let me know in the comments! (I'd love a proper cruelty-free dry shampoo, at least!)

Oh, and to correct one common assumption: Batiste Dry Shampoos, which I swore by until I learned they might not be as cruelty-free as they claim (see this article for reference). I'm adding this because many use them as they are advertising themselves as cruelty-free and vegan, but as the answers they give customers are very vague, I'm not supporting them anymore. And I don't think others should either before Batiste can give straight answers to people, but in the end, I can't tell you what to do with your money, and if their responses are good enough for you, that's none of my business.

What are your favorite hair care products/tips? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today's post, and in the next post, I'm sharing a lovely coffee recipe with you to bring you energy on these dark autumn nights. At least that's how they are to us here in Finland. I'm actually really excited for all the posts I have planned for the rest of the year so far, and I hope you'll have fun with them as well. There will be some decluttering, some reflecting on life, some style things, some nail things, some Holiday themed stuff and so on. And yes, also posts with our cat, he will get a bit of spotlight too (and if you love cats, remember to follow him on Instagram; @blackkittymiro). I'll see you all on my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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