Depotting Broken Palettes + Decluttering my makeup

A while back, I saw YouTube videos about making your own palettes with existing eye shadows and depotting stuff etc. (Like this one from Angelica Nyqvist where she duped a Jeffree Star palette) That made me think about all the beat up palettes I have (without lid and so on as they are old and have travelled/got dropped on the floor), and how I should put the shades into Z-palettes to possibly get more use out of them. So, I hopped on Beauty Bay, and got a couple of palettes and some extra magnets.

z palettes
There are many palette designs to choose from, but I went with these cool animal prints since they are neutral but still fun. There was a bright pink one as well, but I felt that these suit my aesthetic vision better.

Then, it was time to dig out the palettes to depot:

old eyeshadow palettes

I had all these laying around, not being used that much anymore, so it wouldn't be too sad if I broke a shade. And, these palettes are affordable so that's another reason I didn't feel bad taking them apart. As you can see, I've been the "Basic neutral bitch" before, but since that doesn't really call to me anymore, the neutral palettes got depotted as well. Which made me see how similar the palettes actually are. Holy cow, why did I need them all? (Well, the fair answer is, when you are into the neutral scheme, the slightest shade differences seem bigger than in the super colorful world of makeup. At least in my opinion, feel free to disagree.)

depotting eyeshadows

And here you can see the palettes I created from the old ones, the other one is neutral and quite warm toned, whereas the other has darks, brights and such in it. I thought they came out nicely, and I think I will somehow arrange a Project pan for myself few shades at a time and try to go through as many as I can next year. And then, I can invest on few nice staple shades as single shadows from some cruelty-free company (one contestant for that is Karity, they're completely cruelty-free and have also vegan shadows) to create a go-to palette (or two). But like mentioned, first I need to get through the old ones.

This depotting was a nice prologue for the makeup declutter and organization I then did as a part of my End of the year declutter. I did mostly go through my makeup in the move but I still had a thing or few to put away while doing this. Below you can see some before/afters, although again to be fair, I might do this more aggressively next year when I better get into the mindset of living more minimalistic and reducing my purchasing as well as my carbon footprint. Like I mentioned in my clothing declutter, these posts will show you how messy I have been behind closed closet doors - our apartment is very tidy even with the cat rallying around, but my drawers and so on have been an abomination. I feel like outing myself this way helps me stay more organized.

decluttering vanitydecluttering makeup

So, as you can see, before this, drawers were such a mess. I'm not saying they're perfect now either, but at least anyone can find things. I feel like if my boyfriend can find anything from my drawers, they're organized enough and don't have too much stuff. These are currently at that stage, but I know I can do even better. This probably doesn't meet the requirements of minimalism in most people's books, but for me, it's a journey rather than throwing things mindlessly away just to have a certain number of things. The goal later though is not to have many of the similar things. I don't need five red lippies, two will suffice well. And I don't need seven different shades of light brown for blending, as I can get away with just a couple.  

makeup decluttermakeup organization

Next year's mission will be to project pan some of the older things as well as possible, and further reduce the collection. I don't say I won't be buying anything new as far as makeup goes, but I sure as heck will be more thoughtful in what I bring to my collection. I also want to switch the Born Pretty Store brushes into bit more quality ones at some point. Maybe have less but in better quality. I'm considering getting xoBeauty ones as they have gorgeous vegan brushes, but also Ecotools and Real Techniques are brands I consider switching to.

Have you done any declutter recently? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today's post, and in the next one, you get to see my capsule wardrobe for the winter season. I will also be talking about the changes I'm making in my clothing purchase pattern soon, as well as continuing the declutter series a bit further. So that's what's in store for the next week or so, and if any of those happens to be a topic that interests you, stay tuned in here or on social media - I tend to share my posts on all the platforms so that no one would miss out. See you in the next one!

Have a lovely day ♥

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