End of the Year Declutter: Books

I don't know how many of you know this, but I'm pretty sensitive to dust and other allergens like that. I'm not allergic to animals, but if the basic cleaning is lacking, I get a stuffy nose and other flu symptoms. Now, what does this have to do with decluttering? The less stuff, the easier clean-up. When there are fewer things to lift when cleaning, I will do a better job at it - and also, the fewer items a place has, the less it collects dust. So again, it's better (and more aesthetic) to get rid of everything that's not loved or needed. The book part is kind of an easy one as we don't have that many, I donated a big load of them to salvation army before we moved so I don't think I have very many to get rid of.


Harry Potter books

So our bookshelf consists of few of my fictional books - Harry Potter being the most important, some lifestyle books by influencers, few biographies, other factual books and dictionaries, and cookbooks. Now, since we are living in 2018, I thought I could get rid of some of the cookbooks since there are more recipes online than anyone has time to ever make - but I'll make a decision about the exiting books later on when I actually know which ones I won't miss. But like you can see from pics, the amount of books isn't really overflowing in our place. My clothes and miscellaneous items are a far bigger issue as far as minimalism goals and organizing goes.


However, above are pictures of our decluttered shelves, as they have been since the move. I didn't find anything to declutter now, but like I said may most probably do so soonish. Next year, if not sooner. The book collection might not get too much smaller any time soon, but on the other hand I feel like we are in a good place with it.

How big is your book collection? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for this post, and in the next one, I'll talk again about beauty related things that have been on my mind lately - some of which you may or may have not noticed via my Instagram. I feel like all this is kind of 2.0 type of content for this blog, as I've kept things kind of light and materialistic so far but am now actually putting some meaning into the posts. I hope you like that, if at least one of you gets anything out of my posts, it's all worth it. But in case you prefer little more light-hearted content, check out my Instagram for style inspo, photobombing cat and more! (I'm @silvertigo!) I'll see you all in my next post.

Have a great day ♥

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