End of the Year Declutter: Komono (Miscellaneous)

This part of the declutter series is one I could probably divide into a couple of posts, but then again I think I rather save posting spots for other things as well since not everyone cares about me going through my unnecessary amount of belongings. This part would've included my makeup as well, but if you've been keeping up, you know I decluttered those in a previous post.

To start off, let's see my nightstand. I keep my hair tools, colors and all that in the lower drawer, and in time, I've placed also everything else there, like old cards in Forex bag, papers and so on. You know I've told you I'm messy? Yup, I'm messy.

hair items declutter
hair items organized

Hopefully this pic showed that I somewhat redeemed myself with the drawer. But also, if you think that was bad, you may just faint with the next one, that is the upper drawer of the nightstand. I'm actually ashamed to show it but on the other hand, honesty is better policy in this series than telling you how amazing the after situation is without showing the before.

Nightstand declutternightstand drawer

So I actually threw away a lot of things, but before anyone freaks out about me wasting things, well, they were expired, and many of them were actually gotten through blog/other sources so they haven't necessarily been ones I would get with my own money. And even if they weren't expired, there would be no point keeping them if I wasn't using them anyway.

Then, the drawer that probably for many seems it has way too many things, but for me that's just the right amount/not even enough; The nail art drawer. I keep my nail things in the metal drawer (I think it's called Helmer) from IKEA. It's something I saw in many nail channels etc. and wanted one too after trying to store my things in boxes and that was a kind of fail. I have hundreds of shades of nail polish, so you'd think I have all one could need. But no, there's always something I'm longing for. It's really an addiction.

ikea helmerarranged nail polishnail polish drawernail art toolsnail stickersnail glittersorganized nail drawerorganized nail tools

I tried my best to show some of the organization, but to be fair these might need little baskets etc to truly be in order (especially the stickers and the decals). We'll see if I feel like doing that any time soon, I wouldn't count on that.

Next would be electronics. I actually don't own too much of them, so tidying up this drawer was really easy. I literally removed two things and organized the drawer, so I didn't bother with the before pic.

organizing desk

One of the more interesting things (for me) was going through our dry food cabinet. It was loosely organized when we moved in, but to be fair we haven't been the best with it so far. And honestly I wasn't sure about what all did we have in there. So this was also good in the means of me getting to be more creative in the kitchen and using the things we have so they won't go to waste.

And in addition, I know my mom is bringing gluten-free ingredients for me next time she visits/I visit my parents so I have to be able to make room for those soon.

kitchen declutterpantry declutterorganized pantrydecluttered cupboard

I feel the cabinet could be even tidier if I put a bit more effort to it, but for now it'll do like this.

I won't share quite each part of our home that I decluttered, as otherwise this post would be a mile long. But I feel like documenting at least some of it is good for both me and you. In the future, I will consider sharing my organization tips when I find cute and effective things that help out keeping things tidy.

Has anyone else been doing any declutters lately? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today's post, I didn't yet have the time for the DIY post I mentioned in the previous one, but I'll try to make it true this month. If not, it'll be part of the December line-up. I'll be back with another post really soon, but in the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram for daily outfits and more (@silvertigo). I'll see you in the next one!

Have a lovely day ♥

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