Operation No Foundation

So, after all the Halloween looks, and as the dry inside season of winter is coming up, I thought I should consider some actions for my skin to make it feel better. And even though I love an occasional full glam with perfect coverage, I'm also intrigued to get my skin in such shape that I can go no-foundation style most days.

Everyday base makeup

Now, some of you may be asking what is no-foundation. It's kind of self-explanatory in my opinion. You do your makeup as you please, but don't use foundation and instead let your skin breathe. Which sounds amazing to me as it would save me time, effort and possibly even money as I wouldn't be using as many products. The challenge for me though would be getting my skin clearer from the impurities and bit of acne, so that I would feel more confident showing my skin. I'm not one to be that ashamed of my natural face, but I do admit I love enhancing it with makeup. That being said, I've seen so many beautiful babes rocking the more natural look or no Foundation look that I really, really want to take on this challenge.

Now, everything being said in this post, I'm still probably going to do a full face of makeup on special occasions like dates, parties, work events and such, but this is more to give my skin more breathing room on regular days. It seems like a good thing to do, and also, forgetting my makeup whenever won't feel such a big deal then. And it makes packing easier if I don't have to care about so many products.

cruelty-free skin products

For cleansing and all, I don't actually have that many products. I use a makeup remover towel to remove most of my makeup in the shower, then rinse my face and wash it with a mild soap and brush. One to two times per week, I use a scrub to remove dead skin cells and give somewhat of a deep clean. If after this I have anything left on my face, I remove it with a baby wipe, and then go through my face with a cotton pad wetted with micellar water. Then I usually let my skin breath through the night, only adding moisturizing if the skin feels very tight or dry. For moisturizing, I prefer to use coconut oil, but some less oily product would probably be even better.

If my skin feels super dirty on the inside, or I have a ton of acne, I like to use face masks to clean it even further. I've yet to find an absolute favorite that would really get rid of all the impurities, so if you have suggestions, let me know and I'll check them out.

In the mornings, I try to have the energy to clean my face with micellar water or baby wipe, but to be honest I should get better at that. After all, you can get bacteria/grease/etc, on your skin from your pillowcase.

Then I go on adding my primer, letting that set, and then cover possible blemishes on my face, and then adding a mix of Lumene CC-cream and NYX Foundation, making a quite light coverage mix to add all over my face. Then, I go on about my makeup routine as usual. (If you are interested in makeup routine post, let me know in the comments!)

no makeup photo

Here you can see the current state of my skin, as you can see, it's not too bad, no super bad acne or anything, but still there are impurities and dullness I'm not too impressed myself. But beyond that, I'm quite okay with my skin, my paleness, my freckles and all. I hope to get to a point where my skin is mostly clear, bit dewy and just overall quite healthy. I admit it would be better to do this in a season where one could actually take photos of the skin in daylight, better showing the blemishes and all, but oh well. Hopefully, I'll get to do an update when the days are already longer so you can see a very nice skin - and maybe more product recommendations!

My inspiration for this project came from admiring Elize Ryd's makeup-free pics, talking with my friend P who hasn't worn Foundation or such in years (and her skin is flawless!), and watching a youtuber called Jkissa, who is a cruelty-free makeup artist who rocks the no-foundation look with her cute freckled skin. I love her videos a lot, and they're such a guideline for me in this transition. Actually, she just posted an updated no-Foundation routine, which you can check out here!

Do you prefer your makeup full coverage or more natural? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, I don't know how many of you care about skin care at all but I think I may do more posts related to that later on when I sort out which products truly are my favorites and trusted ones. If you'd rather see more style related things, don't worry, those are coming - and I am posting my daily outfits (at least office outfits) on my Instagram as @silvertigo, so you can head there and show some love to those pics. In the next post I'll be sharing something new related to nail art, so if you're into that, stay tuned! I'll see you in the next one.

Have an amazing day ♥

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