Sweater Weather Nails

Today, it's time for the last autumn inspired nails before I get to the winter/Holiday designs next month. I've already started doing them as you may spot if you follow my nail art Instagram @silvertigonails. But any ways, today we'll focus on these autumn nails.

stamped autumn nails

With these I was again using the Clear Jelly Stamper stamping plate All About Autumn. It has so many cute autumn images, and for these nails, I decided to do leaves and hot chocolate with some sparkle. Something that embodied autumn in my mind, as the design has the lovely colors of autumn leaves, coziness of hot chocolate and the glitter that represents both upcoming Holiday time as well as the magic of the transition in the colder weather. In case my posts haven't made that clear to you so far, I'm surprisingly lot of an autumn person. For me, it has been the season of new beginnings ever since I started pre-school at the age of six. Every autumn, a new school year would start, which meant new school supplies, new challenges, new clothes and every once in a while new friends as well. So therefore, I sentimentally Still feel like that time of the year is somewhat magical.

Autumn nails

As a base, I wanted to use Mother Fauna by Glisten & Glow. It's a very dark, earthy shade of green that truly is perfect for autumn. I think this one would work amazingly under sheer duochormes, glitters and so on, and according to pics I've seen on Glisten & Glow's Instagram, it also looks fabulous mattified. Which I haven't tried yet, but will do hopefully somewhat soon. 

leaf nails

The thing with the dark background in nail art is that you can't get all the shades show over it. The stamping polishes I recently got from Clear Jelly Stamper seem to be somewhat of a jelly consistency, and so even though they are pigmented, they aren't necessarily opaque enough to show correctly over everything. Therefore, I first stamped the shapes with white stamping polish to make the other stamping polishes show off more. Maybe not the world's neatest results, but I think the white peeking out the edges is kind of a nice style.

clear jelly stamper mani

The polishes I used for this were Mother Fauna, base coat and fast-dry top coat by Glisten & Glow, Black and white stamping polishes by Born Pretty Store9 - Reddy For Anything, 22 - Clementine, 8 - You are my Sunshine by Clear Jelly Stamper, Vest Friends by China Glaze and Rock at the Top by Essie. I enjoyed the color combo a lot, and I feel it's not the most typical one you see during autumn. I'm definitely getting more into stamping again thanks to all of the amazing products from Clear Jelly Stamper, I recommend them whole-heartedly if you are thinking about learning to stamp your nails!

fall nails

What do you think about these nails? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today's post, and in the next one we'll go through the last things in my declutter list. And soon, we get to the Christmas posts already, which I find so hard to believe this year is already in it's final stretch! I'm super excited about the Christmas posts, I have so many ideas, some pre-written posts and more in stock, and I hope I'll have time and energy to do at least most of them. If some leave undone, I'll either move them to the beginning of the year (if they're not too Holiday themed) or until next year's Holiday season. I'm really hoping you will be as excited for the upcoming posts as I am, and there will actually be somewhat of a collab at some point of next month… More on that later when it's actually happening. While you wait for the Holiday posts, take a look at my Instagram (@silvertigo) for daily outfits and more. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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