Winter Capsule Wardrobe

New season, new wardrobe. Well, I'll be using mostly old things again but as I'm changing up the core items, I think it counts easily as new. For the winter, I like dressing cozy, having options for layering and staying warm as in Finland the weather can get as cold as -30 degrees Celsius and below on worst days.

winter clothing

Like in the previous part, I'll mark my over year "old" items as well as secondhand ones to keep track of how well or not I'm doing on sustainability. I noticed that 2/3 of the rack is old or secondhand items, but I do want that to be even higher later on. If I could hit 3/4 next year (or even higher), I would be thrilled. Below the list, you can see a pic of when I was putting together items on our bed.

capsule wardrobe
  1. Grey cardigan (old)
  2. Grey sweater
  3. Black zipper sweater
  4. Grey baseball shirt
  5. White collared shirt (old)
  6. Pencil skirt (old)
  7. High-waist jeans
  8. Black jeans (old)
  9. Pink striped blazer (secondhand)
  10. Black skater dress (old)
  11. Faux leather skirt (secondhand)
  12. Plaid shirt with hood 
  13. Burgundy knit (old)
  14. White jeans (secondhand)
  15. Another plaid shirt (old)
  16. Black bralette
  17. Pink top (secondhand)
  18. Black top (secondhand)
  19. Solid color tee (old)
  20. Print tee (old)
  21. Penguin sweater
  22. Leather pants (secondhand)
  23. Faux fur vest (old & secondhand)
  24. Another solid color tee (old)
  25. Reindeer sweater (old)
  26. Aztec print cardigan (old & secondhand)
  27. Black, light blazer
  28. Dr. Martens
  29. Flat black boots (or brown? If the black ones are beyond repair/ old)
  30. Biker boots (old)
  31. Heeled boots (old)
  32. Faux fur boots (old)
  33. Winter "sneakers" (old)
  34. Ankle booties (old)
  35. Brown winter boots (old)
winter outfit pieces

I think the best Word to describe this wardrobe is cozy. It really is cozy all around, and gives me opportunities to layer up on the colder days as well as go a bit lighter on warmer ones. When I put away the Autumn rack, I actually threw away a top that didn't fit me nicely. I got it secondhand and wore it quite many times, but to be honest with myself it was too tight on the chest and therefore it fits poorly. So I'm giving it to the salvation army etc. together with some other items for someone else to get use out of.

winter closet

What do you think about my winter wardrobe? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today's post, and to stay on the clothing topic, in the next part I may be DIYing a clothing item if I find time for sewing. If not, we'll skip to declutter talk again but the DIY will follow this month nevertheless. In case you're in need for more fashion and style related things, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram (@silvertigo) for daily outfits and more. I'll see you all in the next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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