2018 Recap

Today, I thought it would be fun to go through the bucket list I had for this year, and see what I did and didn't get done and why. I think I did good, although I didn't try to get everything done actively enough - that being said, I'm not disappointed in myself for the most part, because overall this year has been one of the best in my life. I wouldn't really change a thing.

But, without further ado, let's get to the list:

  1. Travel abroad (I may have something booked already...) We visited Stockholm and Cologne
  2. Move into a new apartment (Change is good, once a perfect apartment comes along.)
  3. Try something new with my hair (Maybe not something too radical, but just a little something to bring my look to 2018) My hairdresser actually went and colored my hair with cooler purple and turquoise which led to me trying a full turquoise ombre, so I think that counts as something new.
  4. Get back into downhill skiing Next year, I hope!
  5. Go swimming in natural water Same here, I hope next one will bring this to me as well.
  6. Enjoy midsummer bonfire This might happen next year, we had other fun things this year.
  7. Go to a festival If Amaranthe announces playing at any Finnish festival, I will get tickets!
  8. Attend a video game event Hope you saw my Insta for the Gamescom stories! 
  9. Create at least 10 Halloween looks (Last year I didn't challenge myself enough, this year I want to) We got close, but not to ten. I'll give myself a pat in the back for the effort.
  10. Get a proper PC setup (For gaming, editing and such.)
  11. Get a ringlight (to help out with #44) Maybe next year?
  12. Get a background for indoor shooting (For better outfit pics, unless #2 happens so perfectly that the place is a proper background) I feel like for outfit selfies, our bedroom works just perfectly.
  13. Try to have 1 plantbased day per week. (For my health, for the planet and for my curiosity of new foods.) I've been making so many choices towards vegan alternatives that I collectively eat more than one day's worth of plant-based food per week.
  14. Learn to cook something new every month I haven't kept close tags on this, but I feel we have tried at least one new food every month.
  15. Call people more instead of messages
  16. Get a pet (I've been wanting one for years, so maybe now is the time?) We got our handsome little kitten in August!
  17. Attend a wedding One of my best friends got married in January
  18. Make Valentine's Day plans We kind of didn't, but next year we have amazing plans!
  19. Create a capsule wardrobe (I've been watching so many videos of these that I really want one.)
  20. Go hiking It has been too long since the last time.
  21. Go fishing Got to do this with my boyfriend and dad during midsummer.
  22. Try a new drink I had a bartender make a lavender mocktail for me, so definitely did this!
  23. Declutter everything I own (Less unnecessary things = more relaxed mind) Like you may have seen last month, this went okay. Not that I couldn't maybe do a little more next year.
  24. Blog weekly I got quite close to this, but must admit there were breaks.
  25. Switch haircare products into cruelty-free ones (Since my makeup is already in shape, it's time for more) I've learned which ones are easy to get so sticking to this won't be an issue.
  26. Switch skincare and hygiene products into cruelty-free ones Same as with previous point!
  27. Go to a concert We went to two Christmas concerts so this got fulfilled after all.
  28. Grow Instagram organically to 5000 followers (This will mostly challenge me to create better content for you all so I would be worth following) I think it's a little early to say, but it looks like we're just 500 shy of that, which isn't bad!
  29. Fill Pokedex as well as I can (Yes, I still play Pokemon Go. Do not judge me.) It seems like 2018 has been actually so good for PoGo, so many people started playing again.
  30. Meet new people Meeting my cat's foster mama, getting to know some like-minded people in Amaranthe fandom.
  31. Try Indian food Tried, and loved it!
  32. Try a new nail technique every month (Learning is the best thing for brain after rest and food.) Totally didn't do this but hey, I'll do better next year.
  33. Try a new makeup technique every month I'll give myself a no because I wasn't actively trying to learn. But, I did try bolder color combos so that is close!
  34. Draw one portrait (I used to be decend at drawing, I would love to try it out again)
  35. Knit something Unless I pick up the yarn and knit something during the next week, this goes to next year. Although I have one thing in mind I really want to knit
  36. Make seasonal Starbucks copycat drinks at home (at least one per season) Didn't get up to this as much as I wanted, but that's totally okay.
  37. Go on monthly dates
  38. Go skiing Not this year, but hopefully I get to try this again soon.
  39. Get a new laptop (for blogging purposes) - gave up on this because we got a pet, but maybe next year!
  40. Get a new phone (same as #39 really) My old phone got a severe battery damage during winter so this was a must
  41. Have a girls' night I'll take this as next year's mission with at least one girl friend.
  42. Have a dream date I thought we wouldn't have this but my boyfriend was amazing and planned one for a month or so.
  43. Declutter nail polish collection (It's been a while since I last did this) This was much needed and I'm happy I did it.
  44. Make videos for YouTube (maybe vlogs or nail art stuff) I'll save this to the time when I have more motivation to plan time for it. But I would love to try it!
  45. Decorate properly for Halloween I did, but next year I wanna go more all in as I probably will post less during October.
  46. Stick to a workout routine I was so bad with this, it's embarrasing. I need to do better.
  47. Get into posting videos to Instagram (Like I said, I want to challenge my content creating skills) I need to get my courage and do these more!
  48. Enjoy cozy nights at home
  49. Learn to bake gluten free things
  50. Be happy 
Now it's your turn! Let me know what you accomplished this year - it can be big, small, anything!

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