Body Shop Calendar Unboxing (part 2)

Today, let's open more of the boxes from The Body Shop Calendar, shall we? In this post we're opening from where we left last time up to the box 18. So in case you don't want spoilers of any of those for some reason, stop reading here and come back once you won't get spoilers!

body shop calendar

Again, if you would like to see the struggles of me actually opening these, head to my Instagram @silvertigo, where I post the daily unboxings!

mango gel lotion

Box 10 included Pink Grapefruit Gel Lotion, which I have tried already and I actually like it more than the more traditional body butters, since it absorbs more quickly to skin. I may start buying these instead in the future!

shower rose

Next box had a shower rose in it. I like Body Shop's shower roses, and I actually already had a baby pink one  in the bathroom so this goes nicely with it.

eye liner

Next item was a liquid eyeliner, and as you may know, I love my winged liners so this kind of products are a must. The tip of this one is a bit thick for my liking, but it's an okay product. Based on this, I will probably try the other liners Body Shop has, since I checked their site and there are ones with thinner tips! If I try those, I will report back to you!

lip pen

Then it was time to unbox a red lip liner. I love the shade of this, and was actually in need of a basic red liner. It felt good on the lips, and performed nicely throughout the day when I tried it.  

body scrub

Next item was rose scented body scrub. I love body scrubs but don't really love rose scent, so I was unsure what to think about this one. However, I'm willing to give it a try when I run out of my chocolate one, and if this works well, I will try another scent from them.

lip balm

In last Saturday's box, I got a strawberry lip balm. There was a time I loved Body Shop lip balms and used them daily - but then got into growing my nails and didn't feel balms like this were as practical as sticks. But, I was in need of a new lip balm, so this went instantly to use. So far, I feel it's working nicely, and I love the strawberry scent/taste of it.

body butter

Next, I got another body butter. This one was Almond Milk & Honey one, and while it's not necessarily my go-to scent, it's nice and neutral and the package is travel size so I like it.


Next little gift was lash and eyebrow comb. I have a habit of breaking or losing these, so I appreciate having another one. This seems sturdy and well-made, so I think this won't break as easily while traveling as the cheaper ones do.

hand cream

Last item for today is Shea Hand Cream. This is something that will go and live on my office desk, because my hands get dry as heck during winter in the air-conditioned office. Therefore, being able to moisturize is quite vital for me. 

What do you think about the items so far? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for this post, and in the next one I will be sharing a nice Christmas recipe with you in case you still need to bake something as a dessert for the holidays. For the style posts, go check out the Instagram @silvertigo, where I share my daily style and more. Although, during spring we will have more thorough style posts here in the blog too, as I will start working on two or three series more or less at the same time (handful of people have a little insight on what those will be, you know who you are!), and I'm hoping I can create something you all will enjoy and get something out of. But before that, let's get through the Christmas time posts, so I will see you very soon in another post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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