Christmas Eve Glitter Nails

Merry Christmas my loves! I know Christmas Eve isn't the main celebration day for many of you, but in Finland, it's just that. But I thought I'd take a little moment from digesting the Christmas treats and would actually blog the latest nails. Which I crafted today so this is hot off the press, so to speak. So in case you need very last minute Christmas nail inspo, here you have it!

clear jelly stamper nails
I felt like playing with stamping again, so I chose some fun patterns from the Clear Jelly Stamper plate called Better Not Pout, and stamped them on with two polishes.

winter nails

I love the look of these glittery cuties, and will be happy to rock them for the rest of the Christmas! The gold glitter over burgundy is such a mood on holidays!

christmas nails

The polishes I used for these were Wedding Gown White, base coat and fast dry top coat from Glisten & Glow, Aubergine by Prestige, Golden Enchantment and Truth Is Gold by China Glaze. The Prestige polish was a Christmas present from my friend Vita, and if you haven't seen my unboxing of her gift to me, I recommend checking this post (click!) while you're at it. She absolutely spoiled me!

glitter nails

What do you think about these nails? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, and I'm heading back to the Christmas fun with my little family. I will try to get the last bits of the Body Shop Calendar up tomorrow, but don't hate me if I won't. If there's no post I've decided to focus solely on my family and the post will be up on Wednesday. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and let's meet on the next post, okay?

Happy holidays lovelies ♥

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