End of the Year Declutter: Memorabilia

Some of you may look at this title and think: What the heck is memorabilia? It means objects that have sentimental value to you one way or another, and therefore they are harder to let go of. That's why they are the last on the Konmari list, because when you get to this, you have learned to let go of things and this will be easier. I'm not overly sentimental with stuff anymore, and don't have too much trouble to throw things away if I don't have room for them. That being said, I'm human, and I do have things I have hard time letting go.

youtube subs

Okay, to be totally honest, this post is not as much about sentimental things as it is about mentally consuming declutters. If I thought papers were tough, they were nothing compared to this. I didn't think digital clutter was a thing before this Project, but it totally is. I've been in social media and World of internet for two decades soon (way to sound old, right?), so after joining numerous platforms throughout the years, going through many phases of interests growing up and so on, the amount of mailing lists, people I follow and so on is getting overwhelming.

So, for my memorabilia declutter, I'm mostly doing declutter of my internet life. Which will include:

Emails & Newsletter subscriptions

Subscriptions generally

Twitter follow list

Instagram follow list

YouTube follow list

Pinterest follow list

Facebook follow list  friend list

Bloglovin list

Google blog list

twitter feed

It might sound silly that these are in "memorabilia" for me, but somehow I feel like clinging on to old social media favorites is like maintaining a friendship. Which it totally isn't if I don't really keep up with their content, don't relate to it anymore etc. I maybe don't cling to clothes or such in a sentimental way, but I'm the fool who can't let go of mailing lists. Lonely people problems, maybe?

But really, internet communities have been a big part of my life for so long, since I haven't always lived very close to my friends, I am introvert so I sometimes struggle making connections in real life and because it has been an easy way to find likeminded people and usually also practice my English writing since it has most of the time been the common language. So while you might think clinging into this digital world is a bit crazy, try to see my point of view.

As for the physical objects with sentimental value, I didn't find much of that anymore, as I kind of went through them during the previous parts. At some point next year, I'm thinking of doing the challenge where you take a time of 30 days and throw things away as follows: 1 item on day one, 2 on day two, up to throwing away 30 items on day 30. I'd really like to challenge myself to do that - and if you'd like me to document it, let me know and I will.

Will you be going into the new year with the idea of starting to declutter your life? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for this post, and in the next one, I'll show you the next set of Christmas nails, which once again are not the most traditional ones! In case you'd rather see style posts, head to my Instagram @silvertigo to see more that, and stay tuned for next month when we start diving more into the style side of things. I have a couple of fun ideas cooking for that and if everything goes well, they'll be series throughout the springtime! I'll see you in the next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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