Things Making Me Happy Right Now (List of Gratitude)

As I talked about in my stress relief post, Holiday times can be so stressful for people due the commercial nature of this time of the year and so on. Therefore, it's easy to compare to yourself, your advent calendar (or lack thereof), your home and everything to the seemingly perfect ones you may see on social media. If you are a young person reading this, it's worthy for you to know that a lot that perfect Holiday content are related to the big Christmas marketing budgets businesses have and use to sponsor people to create all the perfect-looking content. Therefore, rather than comparing things, take a little time to list things that make you happy right now and/or you are grateful for, so that you can get to that perfect Holiday mood.

Because today, I'm sharing my list with you all.

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  • The people I've met through the mutual love for music. There are a lot of you, and I'm thankful for each one, especially the ones I have more or less regular chats with.
  • My boyfriend (and the extended family through him). You make me happier than anything in the world right now. You calm me when I'm anxious or sad, and always know exactly what I need (especially if it's food, lol). You're my best friend in the world.
  • My closest friends and family. There are a handful of girls (and my dad, hello papa) that have been by my side through thick and thin, and without who my life would suck.
  • Our cat. Miro is like my first child, and even though he can be a moody teenager, I love that furball unconditionally. He teaches me a ton of patience and rewards the patience with purring love.
  • Amaranthe. One of my favorite bands, who I get to meet next year (yes, we got VIP tickets!). I'm thankful for the music, the kind words I've gotten from the band members - Especially Elize (girl I love you so much!). Without Amaranthe's music, last year (2017) would have been so much worse.
  • Having a job and a beautiful home. Neither of which is to be taken for granted. And which is why I'm so happy about both of them.
  • Having done all the Christmas things in time. I'm not the one to stress about the holidays too much, but I'm still happy that I got everything done well in time.
  • Getting to make our own Christmas at home. I love holiday foods, making them at home and the feeling of creating the holiday spirit together. Luckily my boyfriend loves making Christmas food even more than I do so we have a fun time creating everything together.
  • Blogging. I know it may not always look like that since I take unexpected breaks every now and then, but blogging has been - and will maybe always be - a way for me to wind up, share things I love, practice my English and so on. It's my therapy and very much a part of me. A part I wouldn't ever want to fully give up.
  • Having the chance to give DIY presents this year. I would love nothing more than include something homemade to the Christmas gifts every single year, however it hasn't always been a realistic chance. This year on, I hope I can put at least some little DIY touch to the gifts I give, because I'm starting to not believe so much to the materialistic side of this holiday.
  • Getting to more minimalistic mindset. I've talked about this in my declutter posts, but I've beginning to discover how little I actually need to be happy. I feel I will be more efficient in my life and all when I have less stuff "suffocating" me and my creative thinking.
Of course there are a ton of other things as well, but those are on top of my mind right now. I might try to share this kind of lists one or two times every year from now on, because being thankful is always a good thing. Especially on holidays.

What are you grateful for today? Share at least one thing in the comments below!

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