Unboxing the Body Shop Calendar (part 3)

Coming a teeny bit late, but for a good reason. Our cat was a bit sick for a couple of days after getting his paws into some Christmas food, and I had to focus on getting him well before focusing again on blogging. So sorry for the delay but then again I'm not sorry for making my pet a priority. That being said, let's get into the last unboxing, okay?

body shop calendar

lash curler

So, let's start with the box 19. It included a lash curler, which I already have two of, but maybe now I will get rid of the oldest one. This seems sturdy which is good for a curler because some of the cheapest ones are flimsy as heck.

shower gel

In the next box was another shower gel, this time in the mango scent - which would be perfect for a Summer holiday so I might save this for that.

kajal pencil

Next up was a kajal pencil. These are something I go through regularly, so having a new one is always good. Again, I already have two (one in use and one backup), but the oldest one is getting very short so I can basically just declutter it.

face mist

In the next box, I got a strawberry face mist. I still need to include this in my daily routine, but I did try it once already and it was so good! And as you maybe can imagine, it smells amazing.

liquid lipstick

Next box had a liquid lipstick in a gorgeous red shade. Haven't tried this one yet but I think it'll be a color from which I get a lot of use out of. I do love a good red.

coconut body butter

On Christmas Eve, I received a full-size version of a coconut body butter. That was a lovely surprise and luckily I love the coconut scent so I will get use out of this.

owl towel

Lastly, I received an owl towel. It's probably the cutest one I own so far, and I'm sure it'll be used a lot as a part of my face wash routine!

What kind of calendar did you have this year? And, were you happy with what you got? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today, and I'm actually going to spend the rest of the night knitting and watching Netflix. Very exciting Friday, I know. On the weekend, I may post a NYE look inspiration for you, and on Monday, I'm hoping to share my NYE nails. And then 2018 is over. It has been a year of facing my fears and learning about myself, but it's been significantly better than last year - which was the worst of my life. In 2019, I'm hoping to have one of the best years ever, but we'll see what's in the cards for me. See you all in the next post!

Have a wonderful weekend ♥

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