Copy That Look - Part One, Luanna Perez

Welcome to the second of the new series on my blog, called Copy That Look. This is a series where I copy looks for less, which is not an original concept by any means, but the way I've visioned this is that I choose a look I like by a celebrity, influencer or basically anyone who has an inspiring style, and try to recreate the look by thrifting my own closet, DIYing, thrift shopping, borrowing or mixing the four. But buying anything new solely for this is not allowed. I want to keep this reasonably sustainable, and also I don't want to end up with items I don't use after the post. I will choose some of the looks myself, and some will be chosen by friends who are more or less metalheads as well, so that we will keep this rock chic and/or metal.

emerald bodysuit look

The first look I chose for the series is by the blogger and style influencer Luanna Perez. Luanna is very popular with over 2 million followers on Instagram, and her grunge-vibed style has been one of my favorites for years. I do check her looks weekly for inspiration, but could never have such wonderful style. The look I tried to recreate can be seen here (click!). In the picture she has this beautiful emerald dress with a cute belt, black tights, leather jacket, high heels, statement necklace and some hand accessories. I didn't do an exact copy of the look, but since I had bought a secondhand piece that is close-ish to the dress, I figured this is a good one to start with.

rock chic look

Now, yes, I know the playsuit is a bit risque, and I could've worn a bralette under (instead of taping it in place), but I felt it didn't suit this look. Although since her dress is not revealing at all, maybe a black bralette would've been okay. But I'm 28 and like my body so one a bit out there look isn't that bad. All of the items were found in my closet, and even the playsuit is something I would've gotten regardless of the post so the total price of the look is 0 euros for me. If one were to count the bodysuit because it's so new and kind of inspired this look, the total is 5 euros. So either way, a super affordable one.

spiked necklace
luanna perez inspired look

Playsuit: Zadaa (secondhand), Shoes: KooKenkä(?), Belt: secondhand, Leather jacket: secondhand, Necklace: gifted by a friend, Bracelet: gifted by a friend, Rings: Coconut Lane, MintMongoose, Regal Rose

I think I did okay with this first challenge, and I can't wait what looks my friends will choose for me to recreate - I personally have few chosen out already in case people don't know what kind of series this is and want to see a few posts before making their pick. If you have a look you want to see in this series, you can link them in the comments, DM me on Instagram or message me on Facebook if we're friends there. I'm hoping to do one or two looks more this month for this series, but I will also introduce the third style series to you very soon. I'm feeling very happy to have some style things rolling in the blog after such a while, I must say I've been missing this. I hope you will like what's coming soon, and I will see you all in the next post.

Have a lovely day ♥

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