Thrifting The Trends - Beige

As promised, we're getting into the third style series now. In case someone is wondering why three running at the same time, the answer is to keep it interesting, but also because I will need to hunt for some of the items/DIY a little, and some of the looks I have in mind don't fit the current season, so this way I feel it's easier for me.

This series is called Thrifting The Trends, and in this one I will choose a theme seen on SS19 runways in each post, and will create a practical look for a small budget. Like in my other series, I will not buy brand new things, but rather thrift, shop my closet and DIY. Again the goal is to show that many of you probably have something in your closet already that you can wear to be trendy - if that's what you like. I'm not the one to go for trends that much, I rather just pick items I think suit my style without really caring if they're in trend or not. However, I guess many of you out there might want to try the new trends while maybe saving up and/or being somewhat sustainable, so I feel that series might benefit you.

The references for the colors and trends in this series are the Vogue article on SS19 trends (click!) and Pantone SS19 color trend report (click!). I went through those both and picked my favorite things from the Vogue piece to work into this series. (I did rule out the statement headpieces and wetsuit surfer style as I can't see myself wearing those in any occasion, other trends I'm at least considering or recreating!) So now, without any further ado, let's get into the first look.

SS 2019 trends beige

Beige. Oh Beige. I think I have a love-hate relationship with the color to be honest. A part of me feels it's such a basic bish boring color, but the nearly-30-year-old marketing assistant in me sees it as a nice professional color. I thought about this a lot - taken that I don't really have anything beige apart from probably a pair of shoes, but I decided to give the color a try if I would find interesting pieces in the color - that could be then worn with at least few things I already own.

The catwalks seemed to have looks that were all beige, so I recreated a look like that as well, even though it's out of my comfort zone and I don't feel it's edgy enough for me.

detailsbeige looknails and rings

So to start hunting the items, I dived into Zadaa and found these paper bag pants. I learned to love that style last year, and I feel it's complimentary enough for my lower stomach that gets quite easily bloated. Also they look great in office looks because they are professional but not boring - and you can definitely rock them with band tees as well! The next challenge was to find a top. Zadaa had nice bodysuits - one of which I still might get to wear with jeans - but they were priced quite high and the ones I was looking are sold on abroad so the cost after shipping didn't really make sense. So, I dragged my boyfriend to thrift shops on a mission to find a beige top I would actually like after the post as well. And, I found one. It is too long for me, but a little DIY would fix that issue nicely, if I felt like the length bothers me. (And, I only paid a couple of euros for the top that's in great condition, I only had to secure one little loose bead from the embellishment and it was as good as new.)

And as we can gather from the top, I couldn't stay away from black completely with this look, haha. Sorry not sorry, that's the metal girl in me.

all beige lookshoesbeige outfit

Pants: Zadaa, Top: secondhand, Shoes: KooKenkä (?), Necklace: MintMongoose, Rings: Coconut Lane, MintMongoose

I think I did well on creating this "trendy" look, and while I wouldn't probably wear these as an all-beige look everytime, this isn't a too horrible experience. I still think embracing this trend will be better by including just one beige item on a look, at least on me, but I think I'm beginning to understand why it's a popular color year after year and why designers feel it should be a trend. You will most likely see both of these items on my Instagram throughout the spring and summer.

How do you think I did with this trend? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you're interested to see a series like this, even if these trends might not be your cup of tea. I don't know how many I will get done, as it depends on so many factors (time, inspiration, available items, succeeding to style the looks etc.), but I want to do at least 5 or 6. If you rather want to see my regular, bit more rock-oriented looks, follow me on Instagram (@silvertigo) to see more of those. I will start to smuggle some of my everyday looks here on the blog later this year - although you're actually seeing some already in the 1 Item, 5 Ways series. I'll see you all in my next post!

Have a lovely day ♥


  1. these pants look great on you! I also hate beige, but i'm growing to like it as I get older and build a more "professional" wardrobe like you!

    1. Thank you Laura! It's nice to have those "professional" pieces but sometimes style them a bit creatively instead. After all, style is something to have fun with! ♥

  2. Tosi kivan näköinen lookki! noi housut on ihanat 8) <3 just ton tyylisiä oon itekkin metsästänyt viimeaikoina :)

    1. Kiitos Sofia! Toi malli on kieltämättä sellainen mihin oon tykästynyt jo viime vuonna, ja näiden löytäminen käyttämättömänä (lappuineen) Zadaasta oli kyllä melkoinen onnenpotku. :D Toivottavasti löydät mieleisesi housut! ♥


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