1 Item, 5 Ways - Black Dress

Today, it's time for another part in the 1 Item, 5 Ways series. This time, I try to do something with a classic, a little black dress. I know there are a thousand and one styling guides for this, but I wanted to do my own take on it. So, without further ado, let's get into it.

dress over collared shirt

My first look is wearing the dress over a collared shirt. This way the look is appropriate everywhere as you are not showing any cleavage, and as I covered my legs with black stockings, there's not too much showing there either. In the summer, I would probably rock bare legs but this time of the year that doesn't sound good to me at all. I also added edgy accessories to keep the look rock chic.

how to style a little black dress

styling a black dress

The next style was a play on prints, and might be a bit too out there for some. But I loved it. Throwing a cozy cardigan over a dress is a good way to dress it down and make it more casual. Details in this look would've been the rings, but you can't really see them properly in these pics... Sorry! Also please ignore the dirty looking hair, I swear I wash it enough haha!

dress with cardigan

how to style a little black dress casually

The next one includes another of my favorite pieces, the plaid shirt. You will see these in such many posts, but what can I say, they're a staple to my style and I love them. Anyway, layering a dress with a shirt like this gives you an opportunity to wear the dress as a skirt and therefore make it a more versatile item in your closet. I really like wearing dresses this way because while I love playing with looks and love being extra at times, I'm still more casual kind of girl. 

dress with plaid shirt

how to style a black dress

Fourth look on this post is this girly one with a fluffy knit. The knit, as you may know, is one I've knitted myself. And I'm kind of proud of that. I thought this was a cute way to style the dress, but it's also a very effortless one so it's perfect for the office but I would also rock this on a casual date night as it makes you look huggable. 

dress with sweater

how to wear little black dress
Last but not least is a bit glammed up look. My camera settings might have been a little off for these pics (sorry!), but if we don't focus too much on that, you see this look is made by accessorizing the dress with a bit more showy items but letting the dress still speak for itself. The shoes are actually my favorite thing on the look, I absolutely love the studded Litas by Jeffrey Cambell, but being the casual girl I am (and driving myself to work daily), I don't get enough chances to wear them. Especially on winter when it's icy and slippery outside.

little black dress outfit

Which of these is your favorite style? Let me know in the comments!

I had so much fun putting this together, and now I have to think what the next item to style would be. I have some fun ones listed already, but also feel free to suggest one you want to see styled in this series. For more of my daily style, I recommend following my Instagram @silvertigo, as I post all of my weekday looks and more there. In the next post, I will show some of my latest DIYs which I'm extremely proud of, so stay tuned for that!

Have a woderful day ♥

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  1. Tommoset vaatteet on kyllä parhaita joiden avulla voi tehdä vaikka kuinka monta kivaa erilaista asukokonaisuutta :D tosi nätti mekko <3


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