DIY Bracelet Inspiration

In order to get back to my creative self and DIY roots, I actually went and ordered quite a bit of jewelry making supplies and even went to a bead shop (and dragged my boyfriend there too, haha), to get things for nice jewelry pieces. So maybe from now on, I can craft new jewelry pieces instead of buying them from places where the origins of the pieces might be questionable (a.k.a. sweatshops). Since the internet is full of amazing tutorials for everything imaginable, there's basically no reason to not try to make things myself.

bracelet ingredients

Above you can see the pile of things I ordered from a craft shop, and the skull beads I managed to track from a bead shop in my city. I put around 60 euros to all this, but when I think how many bracelets etc. I can use these to, it seems like a fair sum.

diy friendship bracelets

Here you can see some bracelets I have tried creating with yarn, there's many good things in these but some are a bit short (the heart ones, I have to figure out how to get use out of them), and overall I feel a bit insecure about them. Which I can't actually justify that much because now that I look at them, they look somewhat good to me, haha. Maybe it's the photo editing magic?

chevron friendship bracelet

Now the bracelets I'm actually quite proud of - in no particular order. Starting with this chevron friendship bracelet that has a chain sewn on its side. I do love this style of bracelets in the summer, when I feel a little more bohemian than I do in the wintertime. 

chain friendship bracelet

Next is this chain bracelet with couple of cords attaching the two chains together. This one was actually very easy to create but I really love how it looks. This one I gifted to a friend, and I'm hoping I will catch her wearing it at some point in time.

studded friendship bracelet

Next up are these knotted stud bracelets, which to me are very metal, but still very styleable to other looks as well. These attach with magnets so they are easy to put on. These were probably the most fun ones to put together, and therefore I ended up making quite a few to give some friends to as well. 

chain diy bracelets

This is a design I came up on my own, not that it's something no one else could've come up with, but this and the next one were ones I didn't at least deliberately use any instructions for. But to be fair I've been going through so many DIY pages I might've picked up influence here and there. I like the combination of chain and cord here, and also I think the colors look good together. 

rhinestone friendship bracelets

These rhinestone ones are probably which I think look most like they could be storebought. I liked designing these a lot and am so happy how they turned out. The silver colored tiny beads together with the rhinestones create quite the chic vibe, and even though I added the cord, the look stayed delicate and girly. In my opinion at least. This is my favorite style after the studded one, and I felt good about gifting some of these.

diy skull bracelets

Lastly, there are these skull bracelets I made in many different colors. I love skulls in my jewelry, and enjoyed crafting these so that I'll have one for every outfit. I also love that I could gift some of these to chosen ladies, and I wish they get a bit of joy out of them since I had loads of fun creating them.

Have you been crafting anything lately? Let me know in the comments! 

That's it for today's post, sorry it took a while to post again, my plan to schedule things in advance backfired and I got sick after Valentine's Day trip so I've been taking it easy and rested. After Friday I've been feeling better, so today it's finally time to get back into grinding. And so that work week together with blogging wouldn't make me overwhelmed, I will write and schedule two more posts after this. This way, you will have content no matter what. I have 4-5 post ideas for the coming week but we'll see how many I have time to actually prepare and post. If you want to see more from me, follow me on Instagram where I will start with the daily outfits again tomorrow (I'm @silvertigo in case you don't already follow me!) as I get back to the office and actually motivated to dress up. I'll see you all in my next post soon!

Have a wonerful week ♥

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