Mustard Nails

I'm sticking to the color theme from the previous for today's one as well. I do realize these nails aren't anything mindblowing, but I liked them enough to want to share them with you. And I thought that makes a nice little Friday post.

yellow nails
I actually matched these nails to the cardigan which you can see here but even better in the previous post. It's actually made, and I believe at one point worn by my grandmother, and I've been holding on to it waiting for the day I'm old enough to be proud of it. Which apparently is this year. 

china glaze mustard the couragechina glaze yellow nails

The polishes I used for these nails are Mustard The Courage and Wikced Liquid by China Glaze. Those go surprisingly well together as the golden shimmer in Wicked Liquid is nearly the same as the mustard main shade. And of course, I also used my trusted base coat and fast-dry top coat by Glisten & Glow.

mustard nails

What do you think about this mani? Let me know in the comments!

This post is very short and sweet but I promise some a bit longer ones are on the way, they just need a bit of work during this weekend. I have another 1 item, 5 ways almost ready for you, there's another DIY post coming very soon and I think I can get another Thrifting the Trends one done for next week as well. Now if I only figure out two more posts, we are more than set for the next week and half, which I promised myself I would have "off" from blogging - meaning I won't be writing or prepping posts unless something super interesting comes along. However, you will get regular updates from me on Instagram, where I might have very exciting things coming along if all goes as planned! So follow me there and stay tuned for the next post!

Have a lovely weekend ♥

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