Thrifting the Trends - Big Bows

Finally getting to post another piece to this series. It took a while, but let's get back to this. The title should tell you more than enough, but in case you haven't checked out the first post, here's a little explanation:

This series is called Thrifting The Trends, and in this one I will choose a theme seen on SS19 runways in each post, and will create a practical look for a small budget. Like in my other series, I will not buy brand new things, but rather thrift, shop my closet and DIY. Again the goal is to show that many of you probably have something in your closet already that you can wear to be trendy - if that's what you like. I'm not the one to go for trends that much, I rather just pick items I think suit my style without really caring if they're in trend or not. However, I guess many of you out there might want to try the new trends while maybe saving up and/or being somewhat sustainable, so I feel that series might benefit you.

The references for the colors and trends in this series are the Vogue article on SS19 trends (click!) and Pantone SS19 color trend report (click!). I went through those both and picked my favorite things from the Vogue piece to work into this series. (I did rule out the statement headpieces and wetsuit surfer style as I can't see myself wearing those in any occasion, other trends I'm at least considering or recreating!) 

spring 2019 outfit
So, this post is about how you can mix the big bow trend into your look - for less. This was probably the easiest out of all these, because what I decided to do was just tie a scarf into a big bow, and wear it on my neck. Like a statement necklace. Sort of. 

You could wear yours anywhere you want to, but I thought neck would give the nicest effect. At least for this look. And I managed to keep the look very metal by using a skull scarf on an all dark look.

scarf bow

If you - like me - have trouble figuring out how to tie this, YouTube offers good tutorials. The one I referred for this bow is here (click!). It took a few tries before I got mine to look even this decent, so don't get discouraged if you can't manage it at first!

2019 SS trendsdetailsbig bow look

Top/Bodysuit: H&M Jeans: Cubus Scarf: secondhand Belt: secondhand Shoes: Dinsko(?) Bracelets: DIY, Gina Tricot Rings: Coconut Lane, MintMongoose 


The shoe pic is a little creative this time, probably not something I'd do again but... I'm trying to find a photo style or few that would describe me better than the one I have now. Stay tuned for any possible discoveries, haha. 

What do you think about this interpretation of the trend? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today's post, and I'll be back with another one very soon. I'm actually shooting outfits for blog posts most likely every day this week apart from Sunday, so style posts shouldn't be stopping any day soon. Which I hope you enjoy. For sneak peeks to the coming posts, follow me on Instagram, where I share my daily outfits and more (you'll find me as @silvertigo). I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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