1 Item, 5 Ways - Band Tee

Today, I have another lookbook for you. This time, centering around a classic rock item - a band tee. More specifically, I styled a merch tee from Alia Tempora, metal band from Czech Republic. Their singer Marketa is the ultimate unicorn princess and one of the ladies who inspired me to go colorful with my hair. We've also had some lovely conversations online and I'm patiently waiting for the day I can meet her! (The day is yet unknown but we'll surely meet someday!) If you're into melodic metal, check the band out on YouTube or Spotify, and if you feel like supporting them you can also find their merch here. And no, this isn't sponsored but rather me supporting a friend.

But now, let's get into the lookbook:

band tee plaid shirt
The first outfit is a basic look for me with plaid shirt, jeans and combat boots. You've seen something like this on me a thousand times if you follow my instagram because it's a cozy go-to look for me. I usually try to make looks like these a bit different by accessorizing and makeup. 

how to style a band tee
ripped jeans band tee

The next look gives me street style bogger vibes but I don't know if that's just me. I know mom jeans may not be the most flattering on me as my lower half is curvy/wide as it is, but hey, we have to experiment, don't we? And also I love how they look and feel on me regardless of if they're my best look or not. I found this ripped pair on Zadaa, and loved them as soon as I tried them on. And despite of few opinions at the office, I feel I styled this look very office appropriate with the blazer and all.

how to style a band tee
alia tempora tee outfit

The third look is somewhat inspired by my friend Marketa, this one takes influences from her stage looks while still being very me. I thought the harness is a nice detail to this, but this would look amazing without it too, if you prefer simpler outfits. Tall boots with short skirts are the cutest combo because there's the peek of skin but it doesn't show too much skin. This is s bit more of a spring/summer look but I did rock this while there's snow on the ground. (Spoiler: I knew I wouldn't be out too long so I knew I wouldn't catch a cold.)

how to style a band tee
band tee with shorts

Fourth one is this casual shorts outfit, which you can make more you in several ways. You can change the shoes, the length of the shorts, the cardigan, or basically anything and that can make the look totally different. The long cardigan makes the look more cozy and warm, but also interesting since there's a little bit of layer. The boots from the previous look would make this look more chic and street ready, but I preferred wearing the more casual shoes this time.

how to style a band tee alia tempora tee look

Last but not least is this plaid pant look for those who don't necessarily like the super girly looks or prefer more punk kind of looks. I combined the edgy pants to tough-looking shoes and some rock accessories, and loved the end-result. The pants would probably look better with loafers or such, but my vegan leather Dr. Martens are better for the current weather. This would look great with a leather jacket too!

how to style a band tee

What do you think about these outfits? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed the lookbook and maybe even got inspired! Later this week, well talk about lashes (which I'm very excited about) and if I have enough time, I'll do another nail art post. If you're wanting more content from me, I recommend checking my Instagram @silvertigo where I post my daily outfits and more! I'll see you in my next post!

Have a lovely day 

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