Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe

It's time to switch up my closet again. I would've done this earlier, but since even last week we've had a bit of snowstorm and -16-degree weather, I took my sweet time. These capsule wardrobe posts give me a great chance to think about my style and where I want to go with it, as well as if I have things in my closet I won't need anymore, and therefore can upcycle, recycle, give to friends or donate (and in rarer cases, sell). I like playing with my style a little and therefore will probably not have a very small closet in any time soon, but these do help me to see if there are seasonal clothes I won't really wear and therefore shouldn't invest in later on either. And hopefully, these will be an inspiration for you to think about your style and all that. 

capsule wardrobe

This year, I'm cutting down the list to 30 items. So I will be having 30 core items for each season's looks, not including the outdoors coats and jackets or accessories. I won't deliberately follow any trends, I just feel out my current preferences for each season which may or may not align with the current trends. Also, if you are a first time reader, I mark every item that's over a year old, newly bought but still secondhand and ones I've made myself. This encourages me to have more of the old in my closet and just restyle it rather than doing what the industry tells us and going out of my way to buy those shiny new things only because it's the new season and not because I actually need the things. 

My goal would be to go through this year by only having 1/4 or less of my capsule wardrobes to be new items, and everything else should be what I already own or what someone else has already owned. 

spring capsule wardrobe

The spring 2019 capsule wardrobe is as follows:
  • Light grey cardigan (old)
  • Blue blazer (old)
  • Cropped polo
  • Light pink laced top (old)
  • Pleated light dress (old)
  • Cropped grey top (old)
  • Grey cardigan (DIY)
  • Burgundy tee (old)
  • Print tee 
  • Burgundy bralette (old)
  • Blue dress (old)
  • 3/4 sleeved bodysuit (old)
  • Striped bodysuit (secondhand)
  • Denim shirt (old)
  • Pale blue collared shirt
  • Plaid shirt
  • Band tee
  • Aztec skirt 
  • Leather shorts (secondhand)
  • Black pleated skirt (old)
  • Blue plaid pants
  • Light high-waist jeans
  • Ripped mom jeans (secondhand)
  • Faux leather skirt (old)
  • Dr. Martens (old)
  • Knee high boots (old)
  • Ankle booties (old)
  • Mint sneakers (old)
  • Black loafers (old)
  • Leopard loafers (old)

cardigansdressesshirtslong sleeve shirtsbottomsblack shirtsteestopsspring wardrobe

I don't know if you can capture a certain style here or not, but I feel happy with the things I've chosen for the core pieces. I will use other items as well like I always do, so don't get confused when I wear more than you see here in this list. Maybe in the future I will challenge myself to only wear pieces in the capsule wardrobe, but at least this year that won't be the case. Next year, who knows? 

What do you think about the capsule wardrobe? And, what's your spring style like? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today, and I really hope you enjoyed this post. This weekend started the Formula One season for us and in a way, it's also the last sure sign of the spring starting even though the weather doesn't always agree with it. I'm hoping though that soon it'll be warmer and that I'd get to wear proper spring outfits! Even if that means I actually have to start shaving my legs again haha! If you're interested in more style-related content, you can follow me on Instagram, where I post my daily outfits and more (find me as @silvertigo). I'll see you in my next post!

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