Unicorn Nails

Happy Friday people, hope you've had a good week so far! Today has been quite a lot for me with a busy day at work and then with taking our little one to the vet for the first time. It did go nicely but I was very anxious because it was a new situation and those make me nervous every time. So I thought that in case you've had a nervous day as well, I'd post something cute and light-hearted to cheer us all up.

unicorn nails

These are unicorn nails I did a little while back, and they made me so happy for the couple of days I wore them (Although now that I think about it I should've put gel on them and rock them for a whole week… oh well). So sharing them with you is a must!

china glaze unicorn nails

The inspiration for these nails came after I picked up the lilac and the baby blue and my boyfriend saw them in my hands and mentioned how they are unicorn colors. So unicorns is what I painted. 

Okay, technically didn't paint the unicorns themselves but you get the idea. 

cute nails

The polishes I used here were Lotus Begin, Don't Be Shallow and Ma-Holo At Me by China Glaze, Wedding Gown White by Glisten & Glow (the base coat and the fast-dry top coat are from there as well!) and Disco Diva by Rimmel (not a cruelty-free brand, unfortunately). The unicorn decals are from ShopKeeki and the gold foil and the gold charms are from Born Pretty Store

The mani was done by painting the nails half blue, half lilac, then using a makeup sponge to dab on the white over the line where the color changes. Then I dabbed on a bit of holographic polish on the clouds which doesn't show really in pics, unfortunately. Then I chose the unicorn decals from my ShopKeeki decal pile, and applied them on the nails, as well as glueing on the charms. Lastly, I added the gold foil with some foil glue.

spring nails
What do you think about these nails? Let me know in the comments! 

That's it for today, I'm going now to chill the rest of the night with my little family and give the kitty cuddles after the adventure to the vet today. I'll be back very soon with another post, but feel free to check out my Instagram @silvertigo in the meantime. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a lovely day ♥

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