Rainbow Nails

It's a new week with new opportunities. Today I had to be extra efficient at the office as I was on a work trip the past two work days and that means a bit of piled up things as you can imagine. Today I also tried to get ahead of as many things as possible so that this week's trip won't make my Friday into a chaos. This month is truly flying by, haha.

multicolor nails
Today, we're talking about these rainbow nails a little bit. I saw @victoriaoliviaxo do something like this on Instagram, and I really wanted to recreate them - and you can check out the original here (click!). Her whole profile is worth looking into because it is very inspiring! She has beautiful acrylics she likes to paint to inspire others. So shoutout to her, not that she needs one as she has more followers than I will possibly never achieve - but in case you haven't seen her yet. 

colorful nailsrainbow nails

It was fun to do something colorful but yet super simple for a change, I feel that my nails usually stay within a certain color scheme each time but it was so fun to just slap on five different colors and call it a day. Maybe I should utilize this kind of idea more often... What do you think?

The colors I used for these nails are I Sea The Point, Too Yacht To Handle, Lime After Lime, Daisy Know My Name? and Good As Marigold by China Glaze, and the base coat and top coat are my trusted ones from Glisten & Glow. And that's it. No tools needed because the nails are plain without patterns.

rainbow mani china glaze

What do you think about these nails? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today, but another post will be up soon! I must say, I'm so, so sore from yesterday's workout - a random statement, I know, but if you've read the post regarding my two-week diet/exercise plan post, you might know what I'm talking about. Within the past three days, I've worked out my whole body more or less, and it feels so good. This is another part of me I've been missing for months and months - if you're a long-time follower on Instagram, you may know I was in quite a good shape around 2017, and lately not that much. I'm determined to get back that body and that stamina I had back then, and this 2-week period is a nice kickstart to it. Anyway, this is something I could talk about on and on, and will touch on again next week when I do a recap of the VS diet. If you want to see more from me, I recommend following me on Instagram where I'm active daily, posting my outfits and more (find me as @silvertigo). I'll see you in my next post!

Have a lovely day ♥

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