Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Palette Review (+ two bonus items)

I feel like everyone and their mom have already reviewed this palette, but how many of them have truly reviewed it? Like, used all the shades, worn the palette for a month straight, seen the good, bad and the udgy of it. Well, not that there's actually an ugly side to the palette - in my experience there isn't - but just to use the saying. In this post, we'll dive into the Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Palette and two non-JSC products, because I want to give shoutouts to them too.

Makeup haul

The two other products I'm going to talk about today are a Lumene moisturizer and NYX concealer, both of which I've also been using more or less for a month now too, so I feel confident enough to talk about them. If you want to hear about them, check the two pictures below and texts with them, but if you're solely here for the Jawbreaker, skip the two and get to the palette.

NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Concealer

First, let's talk about the NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation. I got mine in the shade Alabaster which is very light, having a tiniest bit of yellow undertone. I tried to get one that reminds me of the Magic Star C3, which is one of my favorite concealers. This NYX one covers and wears quite as well as the JSC Magic Star, but it's not as heavy and dry as Magic Star can be. And choosing such a light shade, this one gives the same illuminating effect. I've loved how this one works with JSC Magic Star powder, they're my favorite setting combo right now. This concealer won't crease much, even though I do already have some fine lines under my eyes. It won't fade away once it's set, and it just works nicely for me. Even though I love Jeffree Star products, I just might pick this up over Magic Star due the easier availability and a tad lower price point.

lumene moisturizer

The other bonus item is Lumene Lempeä Calming Day Moisturizer. Lumene is a Finnish brand that creates products inspired by the Arctic nature and they also utilize the ingredients from the nature in their products. In my understanding, they are not only cruelty-free, but also at least aspire to offer vegan products with as clean ingredients as possible. The formulas in their skincare products are often very suitable for sensitive skin, which is a huge pro in my books because I don't necessarily want the basics to be full of whatever chemicals one can imagine. I've been wearing this more or less daily, whether or not I've worn makeup or not, and it truly is sensitive. Not a single reaction from my skin, but the skin has looked nice and glowy and felt soft. This moisturizer also seems good for the price, you only need a little to cover the face and neck, and it's thin enough to soak in relatively fast. In short, it seems like a good basic day moisturizer so far.

jeffree star cosmetics jawbreaker

Then to that star of the show - pun intented. The Jawbreaker Palette by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. It's a 24-pan rainbow palette that's part of the JSC summer collection of 2019. It comes in this cute spotted sleeve, and unlike couple of the previous releases, it's not bulky. Sure, it's a big palette, but at least it's more storeable than Blue Blood and Alien. The palette has both eyeshadow and pressed pigment formulas, so that's something to keep in mind because they may stain differently and working with them differs a bit. Also according to some sources, pressed pigments might make your eyes react more than eyeshadows do, so if you are easy to react, be careful. Personally, I haven't had any issues with any of Jeffree's pigments ever.

jsc jawbreaker palette

I really enjoy the design of the package, I love that it's pink and has the dots of color on it. It's kind of artsy, but also I can clearly see how it's inspired by the Jawbreaker candies. 

jawbreaker palette

Inside, the colors are kind of randomly arranged, which is critiqued by many. I'm not personally bothered by it, since I quite liberally combine the colors anyway, but I can see how this could be confusing for some who do their looks differently. The pan size here, as well as in other JSC palettes is nice an big, and no matter what brush you dip in it'll work nicely. The palette also has a mirror which can make it or break it to people, again I'm not really caring at all about it. The color scheme is very beautiful in my opinion, and there are enough light, medium and dark shades to get depth to your looks as well, and also the palette has nice variety of mattes and shimmers. 

jeffree star jawbreaker

I don't really have negative things to say about the palette, some of the shades need more work than others, and some of them may have a bit of kickback, but that's often the thing with very pigmented makeup. The shades stay on for a long time at least with a primer, and you can do many very vibrant looks with the palette. The price point is somewhat high, but you do get quality and quite a bit of product with it, so if you have enough extra to buy this, I'd say go for it. And again, I know that some who are familiar with beauty YouTube might say he's too controversial to buy from, you're welcome to have your opinion and boycott him. But in all honestly quite many companies have something shady in their background, whether it's in the form of the owner, the production, the customer service or whatever. However, listen to your values when buying things.

Jawbreaker swacthes

Here you can see the swatches of each shade. This is so you can see how they look on quite fair skin, but I have to remind you that I do swatches with a finger and if necessary swipe the colors two or three times to make cuter swatches. I'm sure you can find either brush swatches or something else if these types of swatches aren't what you are looking for. 

But what I can provide you are pictures of looks done with the palette. Below you can see ones I've posted on my Instagram, and the only eyeshadow palette I've used to create them is Jawbreaker. 

All in all I do really recommend getting this palette, or if you have the possibility, going to a store and swatch it a bit to see if it is what you like. I have the chance where I live because Sokos Tampere carries Jeffree Star Cosmetics, so I don't have to buy my products blindly if I don't want to. If you like makeup posts, I have a couple of ideas I could do related to that. One being skincare routine, since I'm trying out a new one currently, so I could do a follow up on that next month, when I've done it for about 4 weeks so I could actually say something about the products.

What do you think about this palette? Let me know in the comments!

That's it for today's post, and on Friday, I'm bringing you another lifestyle post I mentioned in the Anxiety management post (click!). So in case you are someone who needs tips on sleeping better, check out the post on Friday! In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram, where I'm posting style, beauty and more daily. You can find me as @silvertigo in there. I'll see you in my next post!

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