Becoming Confident in Your Own Style

Not too long ago, I had a little talk with an online friend about style and her telling how she likes what I wear - and me telling it's not about having brand new clothes, but rather other things. Most important being confidence in your style. I think I have rather decent experience to talk about this, taken I rock my colorful hair, showy makeup, and alternative (rock) style on daily basis. If someone like this can have it together, so can you (most likely your style is at least a bit more toned down - but if not, I'm very excited for you). 

Keep on reading to see ten tips on being more confident with your style:

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Figure out whose style you like

I think all of us follow people on social media or at least have mental notes on them when they appear on TV or whatever, whose style we absolutely love. List those people, and try to see if their looks have anything in common. Maybe you can find even a term to describe their style, or if not, you can at least make a mindmap or list if the types of clothing/makeup/hair they have. This will help you with the next step. And yes, I'm assuming if you really, really like someone's style, you'd like to adapt something from their style into your looks. I'll go into my style inspirations in another post later this month, if you're interested to learn more about that.

Create an inspiration board

Create one from cardboard with magazine pics and printed images, or create one on Pinterest like I have done (click here if you want to see my fashion inspo board). Gather pictures that inspire you to create your look, or even make a few ones to fit different seasons, or their own both makeup, hair and style each. An inspiration board can help you to realize you already have items that fit the style you want if just styled right, but also can be a guideline when buying new things so you actually work towards your dream style when buying stuff. 

Find what suits your body

Your body type might be different than the people whose style you like. That doesn't mean the style is off-limits, but rather that you just need to adjust them a bit. This also goes if you're like me and like somewhat provocative and revealing looks, but work in an office and therefore should make it look professional. Or maybe you're another way around, you like someone's look but it's a tad too conservative for you. If the look you like has booty shorts, but that doesn't work for you, try another length. If the chick whose style you like wears bootcut jeans but those don't look flattering on you, try mom jeans or boyfriend cut. You can even go so far as to do research on what your body shape is, and then find info about what type of items could be the most flattering for you. It's not about exactly copying, it's about being inspired.


Find your perfect colors

Once you know your flattering items, you can focus on the colors. I think the fit of an item makes more difference than the color, but feel free to switch up this and the previous one if it feels easier that way. I use the words "perfect colors" loosely, because I don't buy too much into the color analysis and all that. However, we probably all have shades that aren't so flattering on us and ones we feel uncomfortable in. You can get guidelines on colors through the color analysis and all that, if you don't know where to start. And also you can pay attention which are the colors that get the most compliments on you, because that might indicate which colors make you look extra good. But on the other hand, I would recommend wearing the colors that make you happy while wearing them, even if someone would think it isn't your best color. After all, your dressing for you.

Wear what makes you feel good

Continuing the point I kind of started in the previous paragraph. Whatever you wear, make sure you feel good in it. That means wearing the right size, choosing materials that fit and sit nicely, paying attention to the fit of the item… But most of all choosing clothes that make you happy. I know we all have those situations - especially at work - where we might have to step outside the happy zone to fit the situation, but on our free time, we can dress any way we want to. And don't think about if the items you rock are in trend or not, or popular or not, or anything like that. You are the only one who can define if the clothes feel good (mentally, physically) or not. No one else.

Have a posing session trying out looks

This probably sounds like something straight from an American teen movie, but it is a fun way to feel out the looks and see what works and what doesn't. Pose for the mirror, or for the camera - or better yet, for a friend or two - and see what makes you both look and feel amazing. This is also a prime opportunity to put away items that don't fit your vibe at the same time and basically clean and streamline your closet.

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Accessories can be a deal-breaker

Or, a deal maker. The right accessories can elevate the look or make it trashy, so one should put a little thought on what accessories and how much of them they wear. I'm not about strict rules on accessorizing, but starting out a good rule of thumb would be not overdoing it. Too many pieces make the look busy and possibly cheaper looking, and unless that's the vibe you're going for, I suggest toning down the amount. Also usually it's good to avoid having too many statement pieces on at once, as they don't make as good of a statement if there's too many. Accessories are also an easy way to tie a look together, sometimes even literally, if that accessory is a belt and it gives you a waistline.

Posture is key

When you look at the people with amazing styles, take note of how they pose themselves. Most likely, they always have a nice posture, especially in pictures. Good posture looks more confident and makes the outfit look a ton better - and naturally looks great in pictures too if you're into taking outfit photos. I'm terrible at remaining my posture and have to actually focus on not slouching all the time, but that's more of an "I'm a lazy bish" thing than me not being confident. Even if you're posture has seen better days, don't worry, it's something that you can easily work on.

Just own it

This ties into the previous point. More than what you actually wear comes from how you carry yourself. Keep your head high, back straight, and shoulders back, and own what you wear. It doesn't have to be trendy, expensive or popular to look good, but rather it has to feel right to just you. I have worn very questionable things, most of which I've hidden from my Insta but can be found here on the blog until I decide otherwise, so you can go on a clicking spree and see how inspiring or awful my looks may have been throughout the years. But the thing is, I've loved the looks and therefore I've carried them with confidence always. I've owned them.

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Have fun, it's just clothes

Last, but so not the least: Have fun with it. If you're in the position to not just wear clothes to stay warm and clothed, you're already lucky. Therefore, instead of stressing about your outfits, you should just have fun. Style is an incredibly subjective thing, and no one can tell you the way you dress is wrong - apart from places that have dress codes, naturally. But on your free time and especially in your own home, you can express yourself whichever way you want. Clothes, just like makeup, come off at the end of the day, and therefore they don't define who you are on the inside - even though they really can show off your personality. So why not have fun with it?

What are your best style tips? Share them in the comments!

That's it for today, and I really, really hope this one helps out at least one of you to find your own look and be more confident with it. I know confidence can be hard to find if you keep on scrolling in social media and keep seeing the curated feeds and compare yourself to that. On bad days, I can be guilty of that as well, but then again I know how taking the pic you choose to post may take taking and re-taking dozens of pics, cropping, retouching, filtering and captioning the pic for many minutes (or I've heard it can take hours for some) before it sees the internet. I try to not edit my pics too much apart from slapping the same filter on them to keep my feed cohesive, and sometimes removing a stain, a pimple or a bruise if I feel it shows too much, but I don't mind my body not looking hourglass-shaped, my arms being less toned than I'd like or my abs being nonexistent. That doesn't define me. 

If you want to see more of my style, I recommend following my Instagram @silvertigo, since I post daily outfits and other fun stuff there, as the phrase says, daily. I'll be posting another post on the weekend, talking about some makeup favorites and why exactly they are my favorites. So I'll see you in that post in a couple of days!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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