Fall Makeup Inspiration

Let's talk more about the creative stuff, okay? Because with autumn vibes often comes the autumn makeup inspiration. Even though I'm still not one to believe in some colors to only be appropriate in certain seasons, I do sometimes gravitate towards seasonal things after seeing so much of it in social media. And bit of seasonal inspo is so much fun, right?

Alien palette

Therefore, I took the above products (and my base makeup, but just use your own favorites for that), and created you one look - but two ways to have a bit more fun. This look is easy, doable and customizable for everyone, so don't be afraid if you don't have the exact things in your collection, use any type of dupes you have. 

fall lookalien palette autumn makeupfall makeupalien palette fall makeup

I did the eyes with the shades Pluto, Titan, Interstellar, UFO, Gravitea, X-Files, Space Cowboy and Black Hole from the Jeffree Star Cosmetic Alien Palette. You don't really need that many colors to create a look like this, but I kind of went all in. To me this is everyday wearable one, but I really get if you think it's more of a nighttime look. 

Oh, and ignore the inner corner of the lashes sticking out... I made an amateur mistake of not checking my makeup properly before taking pics. I fixed it for look number two. The lashes I wear here are The Soulmate by xoBeauty, my favorite lash of all time so far. 

jeffree star alien palette lookalien palette makeup lookessence lipstick

The lip combo in the above look is Draw The Line! lipliner in shade Fancy Blush and This Is Me lipstick in shade 02 Happy, both by Essence. For a super affordable brand, I feel these perform quite amazingly, they're quite matte but not drying, and even though the lipliner might be a tad soft for my liking, I do enjoy wearing it. And let's face it, it's affordable and girl likes to save a coin when she can, haha.

Then, to version 2.0 of this look, with liner and brighter lip.

autumn makeup ideasfall makeup ideasautumn makeup inspofall makeup inspo

This version of the look is way more me, because I really love a bright (red) lip and a winged liner with most looks. I think the liner takes the look to a next level, and the red lip, especially when it matches the shirt here, makes the look more put together. Which I think red lip does to most looks as long as the shade matches the look.

makeup inspirationAutumn makeupAutumn lookRed lips

The red lippie in this look is You Da Pom by Liveglam. You can of course pair this look with any kind of lip, this would be cute with a nude shade, fierce with plum one, and nice and earthy with a shade of brown. Whatever you like really. And you could also switch up the eyeshades to cooler or warmer to compliment your complexion better or to make it more fun and colorful. It's just makeup, and it should be fun.

What do you think about this look? And, what's your go-to fall makeup look? Share your thoughts in the comments!

That's all for this post, I've been so happy to create more for the blog lately, it kinda makes me feel like myself again after building myself up for two years after my breakup. Today, I can finally really truly say I'm happy with not only myself, but how I spend my time, who I spend it with, and where my road seems to be headed. I haven't felt like that (completely) in a hot minute, so being back in the mental state where I feel confident in all ways is pretty amazing. I hope that will not only show on my socials and blog, but that it would also rub off to you guys, because everyone should feel like this. Okay, that's enough of it for now, but if you would like to see more from me, you can follow me on  Instagram (@silvertigo), where I post daily outfits, makeup and some random stuff whenever I feel like it. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥


  1. Vau sulle kyllä sopii huulipunat tosi hyvin! Musta tuntuu että mulle ei sovi kuin vain perus punainen huulipuna.. :D Ps. upeat sävyt tuossa luomiväri paletissa <3 8)

    1. Perus punainen on silti ihanan klassinen valinta, ja voi tehdä simppelistäkin lookista näyttävän helposti. Itse tykkään leikitellä meikeillä ja teen todella epätavallisiakin valintoja värien suhteen, juurikin jotta löytyisi niitä uusia asioita jotka toimii omiin sävyihin. :) Tuo Alien on ehkäpä Jeffreen paleteista se neutraalein, vaikka nopeasti saattaa värikkäältä vaikuttaa. Siinä kuitenkin on "vain" neljä oikeasti kirkasta sävyä, muut 14 ovat tavalla tai toisella neutraaleja. :)


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