Thrifting the Trends: AW 19/20 - Leather Trousers

Since it's already back to school season, and we're in beginning of Autumn in most parts of the World, I thought we could switch the thrift series into the new season as there are quite many trends I'm excited to cover. If you didn't follow this series on Spring and Summer, this is a series where I take trends predicted on fashion week, and show you how to recreate the looks or the trends for less, with items you may already have in your closet. I'm not allowed to buy brand new items for this unless I get it from thrift store and I can't buy for this at all unless they are things I would buy regardless. As an inspiration, I use the Vogue article here and Pantone article here. The Pantone colors can also be found in this Pinterest post, if you prefer more mobile friendly guide to colors.

metal girl outfit

The theme today is leather trousers, which is a staple in my closet nevertheless, because it's an edgy item that in my opinion has the perfect rock vibe, but you can style it very classy with the right items. I recently found my pair on sale -70% off, and while I try my best not to buy brand new unless it's more sensible, I've actually had the worst luck getting faux leather pants pre-loved. The inspiration pic for the look is this Pin here

Especially trendy combo seems to be leather pants with a knit, which is something I will absolutely rock this season. It would be a go-to thing for me regardless, but being also fashionable, it does get bonus points.

leather pants look
rock chic style

Pants: Gina Tricot Hoodie: H&M Belt: secondhand Shoes: Truffle Collection Bracelets: Gina Tricot, MintMONGOOSE Rings: MintMONGOOSE, Coconut Lane

My take on this look is quite the casual one, as it was for a work day, but also because I am decently casual girl. I liked pairing the vest with the pants because that seemed like a very put together combo to me. Kind of like a suit but more edgy and more rock. Which is so up my alley. The hoodie made the look more wearable and comfy, and on the other hand having a bit of a heel made the outfit bit more dressed up. Overall I truly loved wearing this and felt very confident in it, so it's not hard to see why designers have lifted the pants to be a trend this season.

leather pants style

This trend is surely one of my favorites in a while, and if you know me at all, I do promote style over trends always, and therefore you may not see me always dress up that trendy. I also have all sorts of thoughts about leather, first being how I don't want to really wear skin of a dead animal. But also, I love the look of leather so I buy faux leather, and then end up questioning if that's the right choice either since it's mostly made of plastic and that's a big problem in the World. So I feel like I can't win there either way.

There are, however, true vegan alternatives from plants, and I'm very intrigued in investing an item like that in the near future. But like many sustainable options, they come with a tad heavier price tag so I've been waiting a little to see how the prices and items develop before investing. Once that I do, however, you can read all about it here and on my Instagram. For example, I've been eyeing Angela Roi bags for ages and that's actually a luxury bag I could stand by. Maybe one day.

how to style leather pantsleather pants outfit

What do you think about this look? Let me know in the comments!

That's all for this post, but not to worry, there's so much more to come. I have soft-planned blogging schedule up until the end of the November, and in detail thought about three weeks worth of posts now. There will be style, beauty and life advice, as well as bit of decor and DIY. Kind of how my blog used to be way back when in like 2014 or so, but now with more life wisdom, hopefully deeper thoughts and more of my inside and not just the glossy outside. The glossy stuff did help me keep it together when life was rough but now I rather share what it all has taught me and how you can maybe learn from it. In the next post we will talk about beauty and my current skincare, which is all cruelty-free, of course. If you want to see more of the style stuff, follow me on Instagram where I post my daily outfits and more (I'm @silvertigo). I'll see you in my next post!

Have a lovely day ♥

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