DIY Autumn Photo Decor

This new season feels like it deserves some new photo props. I haven't ever been big on getting stuff just for pics, but I thought if I find a sustainable way to do it, I will. And while looking for inspiration and after that trying to find places to buy props, it hit me: I could DIY them. I always have yarn around anyway and Pinterest is full of autumnal ideas and free patterns, so why not crotchet and knit my props.

And that's how we got props seen in below picture:

fall decor

Isn't it really cute? I mean, I know I am biased and also as a Finn not supposed to compliment my own creations but I really really like them. Below I'm breaking down what I got overall, and link the patterns so you can go get inspired yourself. The links will be in English so you need to know some basic knitting/crotchet words to follow the patterns, in case English isn't your first language. But they were all in all somewhat easy to comprehend.

crotchet leaves

These leaves were fun to do, although, my proud little head decided I don't need to follow the instruction video at all - but I did. So I'll link the site where the pattern is from, and strongly encourage to do the first one along the video to know what you're doing. The pattern can be found here (click!). These were relatively easy in a sense you don't need many different stitches to do this, so even if you are a beginner, you can get the hang of it. I love how these look, even when curled up like this, but I might iron them little straighter at some point. 

crotchet pumpkins

While scrolling Pinterest, I found all these cute stuffed pumpkins, and decided I should try making some. I didn't exactly follow a pattern, but the closest one can be found here (click!). Basically you just crotchet a somewhat of a ball, fill it up, crotchet a stem to it and stitch the pumpkin shapes to it by taking a string along the sides of the ball. I went over-under through the layers, but you can also just have it all the way outside, I just didn't like the way it looked outside of the pumpkin so I found a way to hide it. You can do these from a thicker yarn for even bigger pumpkins, and change the color to whatever you desire. I went for light grey, but might do white ones later as well.

knitted pumpkins

The last items I'll share today are these bigger fluffy pumpkins, and these are so easy to make! Just knit a square or rectangle out of stocking/stockinette stitch, and when it's the size you want, stitch up the bottom and the side so that the knit forms a ball for you to fill. Once filled, stitch up the top and add a stem (I crotcheted mine, but you can do it from anything you want). I didn't have exact pattern for this, but an example can be found here (click!)

autumn decor

What do you think about these decorations? Let me know in the comments!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may or may not have noticed me not necessarily posting on my regular times lately. It's due to life throwing a little curveball at me on top of me being somewhat busy as it is. I had a loved one pass away suddenly and I'm kind of still adjusting to that, but I also know life will go on and they would've wanted me to carry on with the future, so I don't feel the need to completely stop living for a moment in order to honor their memory. I actually feel quite the other way around. Hence why I won't stop posting, I will get my school deadlines done and I will excel at my job to the best of my abilities. And that all will include me posting my daily looks and more on my Instagram @silvertigo, where you can follow me for most updates. I'll see you in my next post!

Have a wonderful day ♥

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